PvZ Heroes Card Update Patch (June 21st, 2016)

There’s been another card update to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. With the recent release of multiplayer the game is getting more competitive, and as we wind down to the global launch the game and cards are being fine-tuned. Check out the notes below!


• Petal-Morphosis now draws a card when you play it. It still costs 4, and it says “Transform a Plant into a random Plant. Draw a card.”


• Doubled Mint is now bigger: 2-cost 1/2. (Up from 1/1.) It still says “Start of turn: Double this Plant’s Strength and Health.”


• Brainana has taken banana swimming lessons and is now Amphibious. It’s still 6-cost 3/3, and it says “Amphibious. When played: The Zombie Hero loses their Brains.”
• Cattail now has more Strength and less Health: 3-cost 3/2 “Amphibious.” (Was 2/3.)
• Navy Bean has learned the true meaning of friendship and gained “Team-Up.” It is now a 4-cost 3/4 that says “Amphibious, Team-Up.” (Was 4-cost 3/5 just “Amphibious.”)
• The Great Zucchini is now even greater: 9-cost 6/6. (Up from 5/5.) It still says “Amphibious. When played: Transform all Zombies into 1/1 Zombies.”


• Twin Sunflower is now larger: 3-cost 0/2. (Up from 0/1.) It still says “Team-Up. Start of turn: You get +2 Sun this turn.”


• Barrel of Deadbeards now makes a smaller pirate. The barrel is a 2-cost 0/1 that says “When destroyed: Do 1 damage to all Plants and Zombies, then make a 4/3 Captain Deadbeard here.” (Down from a 5/3 Deadbeard.)


• Conehead is now smaller: 2-cost 2/2. (Down from 2/3.) It still says “Armored 1.” • Trash Can Zombie is now 3-cost 2/3. (Was 3/2.) It still says “Gravestone. When revealed: This can’t be hurt this turn.”


• Barrel Roller Zombie is now larger: 4-cost 3/3. (Was 3/2.) It still says “Deadly. When destroyed: Make 1/1 Swabbies with Amphibious next door.” • Headstone Carver is now 1-cost 1/3. (Was 2/1.) It still says “When a Gravestone Zombie is revealed, that Zombie gets +1/+1.” • Line Dancing Zombie is now smaller: 3-cost 3/1. (Down from 3/2.) It still says “Gravestone, Strikethrough. When revealed: Move this Zombie.”


• Citron’s signature Superpower, Peel Shield, now says “Plants can’t be hurt this turn. Draw a card.” (Was just “Plants can’t be hurt this turn.”)
• Root Wall, a superpower of Citron and Grass Knuckles, now says “A Plant gets +2 Health and can’t be hurt this turn.” (Was “A Plant can’t be hurt this turn. Draw a card.”)
• Immorticia’s signature Superpower, Witch’s Familiar, now says “Make a 2/1 Zom-Bat that says ‘When this hurts a Plant: Draw a card.’ ” (Was 2/2)


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