Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Deck Builder






When destroyed: Add a random 1-cost Imp to your hand. It gains a Mustache.

Smoke Bomb

Move a Zombie. It gets +1 Strength.

Bungee Plumber

Do 2 damage.

Headstone Carver

When a Gravestone Zombie is revealed, that Zombie gets +1/+1.

Unlife of the Party

This gets +1/+1 when you play another Zombie.

Backup Dancer

Zombie Chicken

When a Plant is played here, this moves to another random lane.


Anti-Hero 3


Tennis Champ

When played: This gets +3 Strength this turn.

Toxic Waste Imp

Amphibious All Imps are Deadly.

Aerobics Instructor

Start of Turn: All Dancing Zombies get +2 Strength.

Cuckoo Zombie

Conga Zombie

Gravestone When revealed: Do 1 damage.

Barrel of Deadbeards

When destroyed: Do 1 damage to all Plants and Zombies, then make an 4/3 Captain Deadbeard here.

Newspaper Zombie

Gravestone When hurt: This gets +4 Strength.

Swashbuckler Zombie

Gravestone When a Pirate hurts the Plant Hero, that Pirate gets +1/+1.

Fishy Imp


Fire Rooster

This moves to a random lane when a Plant is played here. When this enters a lane: Do 1 damage to all Plants there.

Hot Dog Imp


Fireworks Zombie

When played: Do 1 damage to all other Plants and Zombies


Gravestone When this hurts the Planet Hero, do 3 damage to a random Plant.

Stealthy Imp

Gravestone, Anti-Hero 4

Imp Commander

When an Imp hurts the Plant Hero, draw a card.

Smelly Zombie

Gravestone, Deadly

Backyard Bounce

Bounce a Plant.

Zombie High Diver

Gravestone When revealed on Heights: This moves to the Water and gets +1/+1.


While in your hand: This gets +2 Strength when a Zombie is destroyed.

Line Dancing Zombie

Gravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie.

Exploding Imp

Gravestone End of Turn: This does 1 damage to itself.

Disco Zombie

When played: Make a 1/1 Backup Dancer.


Gravestone When hurt: Do 2 damage to the Plant Hero.

Zombot's Wrath

Do 3 damage. If there is a Zombie in every lane, this does double damage.

Barrel Roller Zombie

Deadly When destroyed: Make 1/1 Swabbies with Amphibious next door.


Gravestone When revealed: Bounce another Zombie.

Tomb Raiser Zombie

Gravestone When this hurts the Planet Hero, make a random Gravestone in a random lane.

Orchestra Conductor

When played: All Zombies get +2 Strength.

The Chickening

Do 2 damage to each Plant.

Stupid Cupid

When played: Do 1 damage to a Plant. That Plant has 0 Attack this turn.


Do 4 damage to a Plant.

Pogo Bouncer

Gravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant.

Hippity Hop Gargantuar

When hurt: Make a Mystery Egg in a random lane.

Imp-Throwing Gargantuar

When hurt: Make a 1/1 Swabbie with Amphibious.

Flamenco Zombie

When played: Do 2 damage to the Plant Hero for each Dancing Zombie.

Walrus Rider

Amphibious, Anti-Hero 3

Mixed-Up Gravedigger

When played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly.

Gargantuar Throwing Imp

When hurt: Make a Smashing Gargantuar in a random lane.

Foot Soldier Zombie

When played on Heights: Do 3 damage.

Surprise Gargantuar

Gravestone When revealed: Move this Zombie.

Zombot Sharktronic Sub

Amphibious When a Plant gets hurt, destroy it. When any Plant is destroyed, this gets +1 Strength.

Disco-Tron 3000

When played: Make 3/1 Disco Zombie that makes a 1/1 Backup Dancer.

Zombot Stomp

Bounce all Plants on the Ground.

Zombot Plank Walker

Amphibious, Strikethrough - When played: Make two other random Pirates in random lanes.

Gargantuars' Feast

Make 3 random Gargantuars in random Lanes.

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  • 1 Brute Strength 1 A Zombie gets +3 Strength.
  • 1 In-Crypted 1 A Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Draw a card.
  • 1 Super Stench 1
    Zombies get Deadly. Draw a card.
  • 1 Triple Threat 1 Make two 2/1 Impfinity Clones with Amphibious in random lanes.

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