Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Deck Builder





Secret Agent

Bounce a Zombie, and it gets +3/+3.

Yeti Lunchbox

A Zombie gets +1/+1.

Chimney Sweep

When played on Heights: This gets +1/+1.

Paparazzi Zombie

This gets +1/+1 when you play a Trick.


You may play a Zombie as a Trick this turn. Draw a card.

Cardboard Robot Zombie

Skunk Punk

Snorkel Zombie


Leprechaun Imp

When played: Shuffle two Pots of Gold (1 Brain, Draw three cards.) into your deck.

Dog Walker

When a Plant is played, this Zombie moves there.

Cat Lady

This gets +3 Attack this turn when you play another Pet.


A Plant gets -1/-1. Heal your Hero for 2.


When you play another Pet, all Pets get +1 Attack.

Haunting Zombie


Pool Shark


Beam Me Up

Make a 2/3 Space Cadet Zombie.

Zombot Drone Engineer

Gravestone Whenever a Science Zombie does damage, that Zombie gets +1 Strength.

Lurch for Lunch

A Zombie does a Bonus Attack.

Squirrel Herder

Gravestone When revealed: Destroy one of their Nuts or Berries.

Cell Phone Zombie

When played: Draw a card.

Pied Piper

Gravestone When revealed: A Plant gets -1/-1.

Regifting Zombie

When played: Each player draws two cards.

Energy Drink Zombie

Frenzy Start of Tricks: This gets +1/+1 and moves to a random lane.

Gentleman Zombie

Gravestone Start of Zombie Tricks: You get +2 Brains this turn.

Trick or Treater

When you play your first Trick each turn, add a random Treat to your hand.


Gravestone When revealed: A Zombie does a Bonus Attack.

Kite Flyer

Gravestone When this does damage, draw a card.

Fun-Dead Raiser

Draw two cards.

Brain Vendor

When played: You get +3 Brains this turn.

Rocket Science

Destroy a Plant that has 4 Strength or more.

Zombie Yeti

When played: Add a Yeti Lunchbox to your hand. End of turn: Bounce this Yeti.

Vitamin Z

A Zombie gets +3/+3.


Gravestone When revealed: A Zombie gets +2/+2.

Dolphin Rider



Frenzy This gets +2/+2 when it destroys a Plant.

Kangaroo Rider

When hurt: Bounce this Kangaroo.

Drum Major

Overstuffed Zombie

This heals to full and gets +2 Health when it destroys a Plant.

Mountain Climber

Bullseye When played on Heights: This gets +2/+2.

Mad Chemist

Gravestone When you play your first Trick each turn, add a random Trick to your hand.


Destroy a random Plant.

Shieldcrusher Viking

Bullseye When this hurts the Plant Hero, empty their Block Meter.

Gadget Scientist

When played: Each Science Zombie does a Bonus Attack.

Smashing Gargantuar

All Gargantuars have Frenzy.

Locust Swarm

Destroy a Plant.

Maniacal Laugh

A Zombie gets +5/+5 and Frenzy.

Portal Technician

When destroyed: Make a random Zombie here.

Deep Sea Gargantuar



Make a 6/5 Copter Commando Imp.

Wizard Gargantuar

All Gargantuars have Bullseye.

Nurse Gargantuar

When this does damage, heal your Hero for that much.

Octo Zombie

Aphibious, Frenzy, Afterlife

Zombot 1000

When played: Destroy all Plants.


While in your hand: This costs 1 Brain less when you play a Trick. When played: This does a Bonus Attack.

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  • 1 Acid Rain 1 All Plants on the Ground get -1/-1.
  • 1 Evaporate 1 Destroy a damaged Plant. Draw a card.
  • 1 Summoning 1 Make a random Zombie that costs 2 Brains.
  • 1 Witch's Familiar 1 Make a 2/1 Zom-Bat that says "When this hurts a Plant: Draw a card."

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