Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Deck Builder





Interdimensional Zombie

When you play a Science card, this transforms into a Zombie that costs 3 Brains.

Cat Lady

This gets +3 Attack this turn when you play another Pet.

Cheese Cutter

When this hurts the Plant Hero:  Conjure a Gourmet card, and it costs 1 Brain less.

Cardboard Robot Zombie

Skunk Punk

Snorkel Zombie


Yeti Lunchbox

A Zombie gets +1/+1.

Leprechaun Imp

When played: Shuffle two Pots of Gold (1 Brain, Draw three cards.) into your deck.


A Plant gets -1/-1. Heal your Hero for 2.

Dog Walker



You may play a Zombie when it's time for Tricks this turn. Draw a card.

Paparazzi Zombie

This gets +1/+1 when you play a Trick.

Chimney Sweep

When played on Heights: This gets +1/+1.

Secret Agent

Bounce a Zombie, and it gets +3/+3.

Beam Me Up

Make a 2/3 Space Cadet Zombie.

Pool Shark


Haunting Zombie

When destroyed: Gain a Haunting Ghost.


When you play another Pet, all Pets get +1 Attack.

Squirrel Herder

Gravestone When revealed: Destroy one of their Nuts or Berries.

Pied Piper

Gravestone When revealed: A Plant gets -1/-1.

Zombot Drone Engineer

Gravestone Whenever a Science Zombie does damage, that Zombie gets +1 Strength.

Energy Drink Zombie

Frenzy Start of Tricks: This gets +1/+1 and moves to a random lane.

Lurch for Lunch

A Zombie does a Bonus Attack.

Cell Phone Zombie

When played: Draw a card.

Regifting Zombie

When played: Each player draws two cards.

Transformation Station

Start of turn: Transform the Zombie here into a random Zombie that costs 1 Brain more.

Medulla Nebula

When you play a Zombie here, you get +3 Brains this turn.

Total Eclipse

Plants here get -1/-1.

Cosmic Scientist

Bullseye When played: Conjure a Science card, and it gets Bullseye.

Teleportation Zombie

Gravestone, Bullseye You can play Zombies when it's time for Tricks.


You get +1 Brain for the rest of the game.

Synchronized Swimmer

Amphibious When played: This Zombie copies the Attack and Health of another Zombie.

Cyborg Zombie

Hunt When destroyed: Gain a Vengeful Cyborg.

Biodome Botanist

When played: Make a 1/1 Plant.

Alien Ooze

A Plant gets -2/-2.  If it's on heights or an Environment, it gets -6/-6 instead.

Area 22

Zombies here get +2/+2 and Frenzy.


Frenzy This gets +2/+2 when it destroys a Plant.

Vitamin Z

A Zombie gets +3/+3.


Gravestone When revealed: A Zombie gets +2/+2.

Rocket Science

Destroy a Plant that has 4 Strength or more.

Brain Vendor

When played: You get +3 Brains this turn.

Fun-Dead Raiser

Draw two cards.

Wormhole Gatekeeper

Bullseye Each player draws an extra card each turn.

Trick or Treater

When you play your first Trick each turn, ConjureTreat.

Gentleman Zombie

Gravestone Start of Zombie Tricks: You get +2 Brains this turn.

Kite Flyer

Gravestone When this does damage, draw a card.


Gravestone When revealed: A Zombie does a Bonus Attack.

Dolphin Rider



When played on Heights or an Environment: This gets +2/+2

Zombie Yeti

When played: Add a Yeti Lunchbox to your hand. End of turn: Bounce this Yeti.

Neutron Imp

When you play an Environment, this does a Bonus Attack

Mountain Climber

Bullseye When played on Heights: This gets +2/+2.

Drum Major

Surfer Zombie

Amphibious, Frenzy

Mad Chemist

Gravestone When you play your first Trick each turn, Conjure a Trick.

Overstuffed Zombie

This heals to full and gets +2 Health when it destroys a Plant.

Kangaroo Rider

When hurt: Bounce this Kangaroo.


Destroy a random Plant.


Conjure an Imp, a Zombie, and a Gargantuar.

Interstellar Bounty Hunter

Hunt, Frenzy When this destroys a Plant, draw a card.

Cosmic Yeti

When played: Conjure a Pet, and it gets +1/+1. End of turn: Bounce this Yeti.

Supernova Gargantuar

Frenzy When a Gargantuar destroys a Plant, destroy all copies of that Plant.

Portal Technician

When destroyed: Make a random Zombie here.

Shieldcrusher Viking

Bullseye When this hurts the Plant Hero, empty their Block Meter.

Locust Swarm

Destroy a Plant.

Gadget Scientist

When played: Each Science Zombie does a Bonus Attack.

Smashing Gargantuar

All Gargantuars have Frenzy.

King of the Grill

Frenzy When a Gargantuar destroys a Plant, Conjure a Gourmet card.

Deep Sea Gargantuar


Maniacal Laugh

A Zombie gets +5/+5 and Frenzy.


Make a 6/5 Copter Commando Imp.

Wizard Gargantuar

All Gargantuars have Bullseye.

Nurse Gargantuar

When this does damage, heal your Hero for that much.

Octo Zombie

Amphibious, Frenzy When destroyed: Bounce this Octo Zombie.

Zombot 1000

When played: Destroy all Plants.


While in your hand: This costs 1 Brain less when you play a Trick. When played: This does a Bonus Attack.

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  • 1 Acid Rain 1 All Plants on the Ground get -1/-1.
  • 1 Evaporate 1 Destroy a damaged Plant. Draw a card.
  • 1 Summoning 1 Make a random Zombie that costs 2 Brains.
  • 1 Witch's Familiar 1 Make a 2/1 Zom-Bat that says "When this hurts a Plant: Draw a card."

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