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    A Tier) Grass Knuckles, Solar Flare,
    B Tier) Captain Combustible, Green Shadow, Wall Knight
    C Tier) Chompzilla, NightCap, Rose, Spudow
    D Tier) Citron

    As the meta continues to change so will the placings of the zombie heroes, let me know your thoughts should on hero be moved up a tier or down a tier, I’ll continue to update this list as the meta changes.

    Note: Captain Combustible was going to be in A tier but with Defensive End and Bonus Track Bucket Head added he was moved down

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    Can I just say what kind of weakness some heroes have?
    For example:

    Solar Flare excels in dealing damage, like most of the Kabloom Heroes. The only problems with Solar Flare is healing is quite limited, and she has only one way to draw any more cards. You almost always want to do more damage than the damage that you take.




    Rose has freeze though, and Chompzilla has OTK magnifying grass



    Just saying with the new galactic gardens and when chique peas come out green shadow will make a return. Oh and just think of potted powerhouse and chique peas… yeah broken



    With the new updates i would say :
    (A Tier : Wall night, Solar flare.
    (B Tier : Captain combustible, Grass knuckles, Spudow, Night cap, Beta-carrotina.
    (C Tier : Citron, Green shadow, Chompzilla.
    (D Tier : Rose.



    For me:

    A Tier: Night-Cap (Moleclone), Wall-Knight, Captain Combustible
    B Tier: Grass Knuckles, Citron, Beta-Carrotina
    C Tier: Chompzilla, Green Shadow, Spudow
    D Tier: Rose, Solar Flare

    Really depends, it’s really who works for each person, for me Solar Flare just gets behind on cards so easily in a Control deck.



    why is everyone hating citron? smarty class freeze decks are OP



    I actually love citron and i have some really good decks with him, but he has less good decks than wall night for exemple.



    After the totally-fair-and-not-broken rarity and cards changes, Solar heroes (Rose, Solar Flare, Wall-Knight, Chompzilla) are OP with flower decks since they can destroy pretty much everything now.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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