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    So, you’ve had ideas for plant and/or zombie classes and cards. Well, let me tell you, there’s a formula to this. let show what that formula consists of!
    1. There are 10 common cards, 5 uncommon cards, 4 rares, 3 super rares, and 2 legendary’s.
    This is true for all classes, and that means there’s more than enough cards for one deck, even if you only use one of each card.
    2. There is always a common 1 cost 1/1 card that does nothing special.
    As much of a waste of a card it is, at least it could get synergy’s, right?
    3. For every plant class there is a relating zombie class, and vice versa.
    Don’t believe me? Hearty-Guardian, Brainy-Smarty, Sneaky-Mega Grow, Beastly-Kabloom, and Crazy-Solar. Believe me now?
    This is my guide to creating fan-made but realistic classes for PvZ Heros. Hope you have fun on your fan-made adventures creating new cards!

    P.S when the BIG UPDATE comes, 1. will probably double. Don’t know what the BIG UPDATE is? Go check out Ginta Gaming, he/she’ll have your answers.

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