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    After browsing the forums for a little bit, I can see many people don’t properly understand how to think of new card ideas. This is a guide on how to creat card ideas in way that makes sense and is balanced.

    1. List the name, class (Ex. Sneaky, Hearty) and species (Ex. Mushroom plant, Fruit Animal plant, Banana trick, Root environment)

    2. List its stats and special effect. THIS IS WHERE ALMOST EVERYONE SCREWS UP. KEEP THE CARD WITHIN WHAT THE CLASS IS DESIGNED FOR. Do mot put frenzy on a sneaky zombie, or strikethrough on a mega grow plant. Each class has strengths and weaknesses, and adding traits that do not belong there break the game. The game says what each class does, so follow it. Do not put god damn double strike on a Kabloom plant.

    3. Consider the balance of your card. Do not make a card that punishes the enemy for playing. A good example of this is Cyro Yeti. It punishes the plant hero for using freeze, which personally I think is very stupid. Don’t use cards that punish the enemy for simply playing the game to their advantage. Don’t give a zombie 1/1 when the plant hero draws a card.



    After thinking about it, cards that punish the enemy hero are balanced, but only tot he extent that they aren’t things that are forced. (Ex. Blackeye pea is balanced as it can be killed with zombies, as well as it being able to be one shot by tricks.) Do not abuse mechanics that every player must do, such as the amount of mana they make or if they draw a card


    Rng 354565

    guys which super rare or event should i craft?

    1 galacta catus

    2 force field

    3 guaccodile

    4 mirror nut

    5 doom shroom

    6 astro shroom

    7 high volt currant

    8 banana launcher

    9 pair paridise

    10 grapes of wrath

    11 pod fighter

    12 red-plantit

    13 expresso beans

    14 snap dragon

    15 chomper

    16 wing nut

    now the super rare and event on the zombies

    17 cheese cutter

    18 area 22

    19 ancient vimpire

    20 deep sea gargantuar

    21 teleportation station

    22 rocket

    23 bounus attack gravestone

    24 mad chemist

    25 nutron imp

    26 portal zombie

    27 quick-draw zombie

    28 moon base Z

    29 gas giant

    30 black hole

    31 gladiator

    32 going viral

    33 landscaper

    34 all star

    35 coffe zombie

    36 duck zombie

    37 space time

    38 toxic waste imp

    39 line dancing zombie

    and finally 40 tomb raiser zombie

    so which one should i craft?

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    Rng 354565

    ok since no one is responding i decide the winners and they are.

    force field


    mirror nut

    astro mushroom

    banana launcher

    grapes of wrath

    pod fighter

    snap dragon

    wing nut. the rest of the plants. you get nothing you loose good day sir

    the zombie winners are.

    deep sea gargantuar

    teleportation station



    portal zombie

    gas gaint

    going viral

    coffe zombie

    space time

    toxic waste imp

    so vote. what should i craft



    Force field is epic

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