You don’t know what are those,cause it’s a gravestone

In this deck you make tempos with gravestones.Especially you get ahead with cards that benefit with gravestones

Every card has a usage of this deck

Graveyard:Zombies played here is mysterious,and it gets extra attack when pops out

Headstone Carver:Boost up lot of your Gravestone Zombies

Planetary Gladiator:Tempo Card that is better than 1/4 at turn 1

Cone Zone:Give zombies extra health to be tougher

Ice Pirate:A gravestone that can be popped out 5/1 and freeze a plant with graveyard

Sumo Wrestler:Tough and aggressive with Graveyard or Headstone Carver

Landscaper:Tempo Gravestone Card works well with Mixed Up Gravedigger

Zombie High Diver:Amphibious Protection and good tempo card

Pogo Bouncer:Bounce tons of plants with mixed up gravedigger

Intergalactic Warlord:Boosts up all zombies to a beast!

Mixed Up Gravedigger:Make Zombies do their ability again for FREE?!

Undying Pharaoh:Protect hero from OTK or late game kill

Zombot Battlecruiser :Protect all zombies from damage,works really well with mixed up gravedigger

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