Citron Artillery Deck (In-Depth Guide Included!)


General Strategy

This deck revolves around placing heavy fire behind plants that can take all the heat. I tried making a Spudow deck for this but it always ended up as a control deck and wall knight & grass knuckles seemed like they’re overused decks.

Strengths: Long-game decks and other low damage decks.

Weaknesses: Direct Damage and Frenzy (Electric Boogaloo!)

Card Strategy

Potato Mine – A good card and strong staple for the Guardian class. Great for defending against high-damage, low-health zombies which are a weakness to this deck in the long run.

Shellery –This will be the low cost card for this deck; and when combined with Wall-nut can be devastating… especially if buffed (sadly we don’t have Mega-grow. That is for Green Shadow, buffed Shellery).

Wall-Nut – The real Guardian staple. Blocks 6 damage for only 1 sun.

Grave Buster – Send Gravestone zombies and their hero’s plans to the grave (sorry, bad pun)! Even though, this is really good as usually Gravestone zombies are the most dangerous especially if there is a Tombstone Carver on the field.

Jugger-Nut – A good Midrange card, and the bulls-eye isn’t really used much but helps when it does. Usually a better Pismashio.

Lightning Reed – I recommend putting it in the lane to the left of  1 health zombies as any plant there will be spared; also, put it in the lane to the right for a finisher, like the amphibious lane.

Water Chestnut – Protects your many amphibious and also very useful outside of the water lane, but you only have 1 so make use of this amphibious Wall-nut.

Cattail – A general Amphibious and very common in Smarty decks.

Hibernating Beary – Good for blocking and also fights back. Great for low-damage, high-health zombies.

Pea-Nut – Like a smaller beary that fights back immediately.

Pear Cub – Use it to block high damage zombies and maybe kill them or damage them so the Grizzly Pear can take over.

Shamrocket – Great for taking out strong zombies if you can’t block them.

Spineapple – Great if you have a lot of nuts or sleeping bearies on the field.

Sportacus – Great if you think the zombie hero might play a lot of tricks.

Carrotillery – Pretty much a better shellery.

Guacodile – Great for dealing with gargantuars; especially the Deep Sea Gargantuar.

Mirror Nut – Also great if you have a lot of nuts on the field and especially if they are in danger. Combine with Spineapple to make a high-damage combo.

Red Stinger – Alternates between a Wall-nut and Carrotillery (with +1 strength) depending on where you place him.

Snake Grass – A great way to crowd the field if it is empty or place it behind your nuts.

Smackadamia – Give all your nuts a boost. The amphibious 4/6 doesn’t hurt, either.

Tough Beets – A total monster if the field is crowded.

The Great Zucchini – A great option for controlling the late game.

Wall-nut Bowling – Clear out most of the field and eliminate most of the zombies in the ground lanes.


Nut Signal – A wall-nut with card draw.

Peel Shield – A great ability/card if your plants are in fatal danger.

Root Wall – A plant-personal Peel Shield.

Transmogrify – Nerf tough zombies.



Wall-nut Bowling – Nuts & removal.

The Great Zucchini – Any powerful plant (vague, I know).

Red Stinger – Either Wall-nuts or Carrotillery.



Thanks for going through my Deck.  This, to date, is my second Deck with an in-depth guide. I am planning on making either a Spudow or an Immorticia Deck next time.
















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3 thoughts on “Citron Artillery Deck (In-Depth Guide Included!)

  1. FreezShocka
    April 23, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    WAY too much happening, all over the place.

    Get at least 2 Pear Cub/Mayflower.


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