What rhymes with bean? Bean. (Diamond rank)

Before the galactic update, I had played until I was diamond tier, and I kept waiting for the season to change and it never did, so I quit. At that time, I had three main Green Shadow decks, a regular deck, a freeze deck, and a bean deck. My favorite was the bean deck, so much fun. I came back a year later to find the update, so I came back and adapted this deck to it.

This deck’s main focus is to try and get as many Magic Beanstalks and / or Clique Peas as you can, and as fast as you can while keeping the field tame, or if the Magic Beanstalks / Clique Peas are never able to come, it can become a slow face hit deck without even realizing it. It has strengths at all times during the game, getting even one Admiral Bean out on the first turn can win you the game in the long run. This deck really starts to take off when you get Moonbean on the field, she is extraordinarily strong for a three cost, being 2/5. It’ll take many zombies two or three turns just to take her out, if you pair her with Coffee Grounds, she will put four Magic Beanstalks into your deck every turn (Equivalent of one Sow Magic Beans). Cosmic Bean and Navy Bean is best used to cover up your Moonbean or Black-Eyed Pea if they’re getting low, or need protection from a deadly. Muscle Sprout and Bananasaurus Rex may seem out of place, but I put them in there for the spam of beans, allowing Muscle Sprout to grow, and Flourish with sow magic beans will let Banasaurus Rex grow rather quickly. Spring Bean and Jumping Bean are for trying to keep control over the field while also being beans. Bean Counter is for more beans, allowing for Admiral Bean to get three shots, 6 damage, if Bean Counter and Weenie Beanies are all played. Snapdragon and Winter Melon are there to enforce another angle of control, and are also able to kill most amphibious zombies threatening your Admiral Beans. During the game, if your opponent is getting low, always try and think about killing your opponent with your Admiral Beans, Typically, you would have one or two on the field, per bean played they deal 2 damage each. They can turn a sticky situation into a victory by going directly overhead of the potential zombie doom. I won a game earlier on turn four because I had three admiral beans out on the field, dealing 6 damage every time I played a bean.


This deck is by far my favorite deck, I have a pretty high winrate with it, but I don’t keep track of all the games. Please comment and make a suggestion if you feel as if something is off. If you were to use it, feel free to make edits as you see fit, such as if you saw something that would work better or you didn’t have a card / sparks for that card.


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