Valkyrie Teleport

A really sweet deck that uses the teleportation trick to its best potential. The goal is to play value early game creatures that draw you cards or allow you to play more threats in order for Valkyrie to get huge. The best part of the deck is that we really don’t care what our opponents playing or whether or not we are killing their threats because we want our creatures to die. To grind out our strategy even more, we get to use Final Mission without a drawback because we can sacrifice a Telephone Zombie or a Brain Vendor who have already netted us value in addition to it pumping our Valkyrie. Our win condition is dropping a 16 power, 21 power, or even 38 power Valkyrie off of Teleport during the trick phase in order to assure we can play her in an empty lane and dodge any removal that could disrupt our combo, finishing our opponent off in one lethal swing.

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