Tricks and Attacks

Good afternoon, people! I’d like to share my controlling bonus attack list! 

The basic idea is to answer each threat presented with one that either removes it or hits harder. You’ll see I’ve gone against most of what I’ve learned and am playing 2 FertilizeA Plant gets +3/+3. and 1 Jolly HollyAmphibious When played: Freeze Zombies next door.. I like how Jolly HollyAmphibious When played: Freeze Zombies next door. protects my investments while offering a healthy 4 damage at the same time. FertilizeA Plant gets +3/+3. does the same!


Lily of the ValleyWhen you play another Plant on the Heights, that Plant gets +2/+2. send other investments into the clouds, making easy use of turn 3 combos with Bonk ChoyWhen played: This gets +1 Attack this turn.Black-Eyed PeaThis gets +1/+1 when a Zombie Trick is played.Grow-ShroomWhen played: Another Plant gets +2/+2. and SportacusWhen a Zombie Trick is played, do 2 damage to the Zombie Hero.. Bounce threats with Spring BeanBounce a Zombie. or trample on through with a Shooting StarfruitThis attacks in all five lanes.BrainanaAmphibious. When played: The Zombie Hero loses their Brains. needs no introduction–play her for end game finishes only. 


Please leave comments and suggestions. Enjoy the list!

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One thought on “Tricks and Attacks

  1. TogreaSan
    November 10, 2017 at 12:57 am

    To grow Bananasaurus better, I recommend taking out the Whipvine and maybe the Fire Peashooters, and adding Party Thyme or Planet of the Grapes. Otherwise, good deck.


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