Hi everyone.

This is a really cool deck, yet a little bit unreliable. You can play maniacal laugh at third turn if things go right, or have a powerful minion.

It basically works with low cost minions such as lep imp, interdimensional zombie, snorkel zombie, cosmic scientist and beam me up. They have lots of little synergy with secret agent and nebula, keep in mind that playing interdimensional on a nebula and then playing beam me up or cosmic scientist or a science trick, will give you 6 brains so you can play an early maniacal or trickster.

With the secret agent you can make your cheap minions powerful and have lots of card drawing (lep imp) or summoning (cosmic scientist), besides all your conjured minions will have bullseye, and that plus maniacal its pretty nasty.

For board control i have the tentacles (alien ooze) that works great against the healing loop combo for example. Also 3 rockets for big minions.

It has lots of tricks, thus the finisher is trickster, not always needed but very efficient.

This deck will maybe be improved when hover goat 3000 becomes avaliable, but its good as it is so far.

As always, try it, give me your thoughts about it and enjoy

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One thought on “Trickerticia

  1. BookerFace
    August 31, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    Now goat is up.


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