Transformation Domination

-Pre Note-(adding x2 parasol zombies(set 3) and x3 primordial cheese shover(set 3) for both moonwalkers and and; One lurch for lunch(set 1), One wormhole gatekeeper(set2) and One supernova Garganutuar will make the deck complete( it is not necessary but it is recommended that the step be taken for best results) but is still good otherwise!(scroll to the bottom to see the shortened summary)


I have created this deck after days of  preparation and after the release of set three. I would definitely consider this an Ultimate/Taco league deck, with plenty of tricks and powerful zombies that can draw cards and grow bigger. Best of all,  as long as teleportation zombie is alive, you can make some pretty large plays.

   Turn 1-  either play interdimensional zombie Or cheese cutter(cheese cutter is just in there for the card draw, interdimensional zombie is in there for tempo) If you have a teleportation  zombie or transformation station in your hand, it might be best to play interdimensional zombie on turn 1. (Or Imorticia’s superpower is also a good card for car draw, unless you have a transformation station in your hand then play interdimensional zombie on Heights)

    Turn 2- this is where the tempo aspect comes in, If you have played cheese cutter on turn one lurch for lunch might be good to destroy any plants in the same lane and gain another card, but if you played interdimensional zombie teleportation zombie is a good choice, transformation station can Transform interdimensional zombie into a 3 cost card and have it be a four cost card at the beginning of turn 3! Unless your teleportation zombie is about to die try not to use transformation station on the teleportation zombie, It is the key to this entire strategy. Cyborg can be replaced but is mainly there for tempo or a backup just in case you don’t have any of the turn 2 cards just listed.(this is the most important turn for the strategy)

     Turn 3-  this is where you try to defend your four cost card with either rocket science or alien ooze, if this does not work out in your favor and you have different cards a wormhole gatekeeper wouldn’t be bad, just be careful because the plant hero will also draw more cards (use wisely or unless you need to draw cards) Moon walkers add heat to the fire by being teleported in on heights or in the teleportation station environment.

      Turn 4- this is where bounty-hunters or parasol zombies/primodial cheese shover (depending if you have them in the deck, look at the intro for more info) come in handy!  If you have bounty-hunters they work well with interdimensional zombie if you have not played them yet, but if teleported in they can do some serious damage to plant heroes who use plants with team up often, for every plant he kills he gains a card, if possible always teleport him in because he is vulnerable, but this is where parasol zombie steps in!  If you currently have a zombie you are trying to defend in the transformation station the parasol zombie is the best way to keep them alive.(her ability- zombies here and next-door are untrickable, she is also untrickable) she will protect your teleportation zombies and any zombies you have in the teleportation station environment, they are key to the strategy. The primordial cheese shover’s Are there for tempo and to take out any amphibious plants that become a problem or just for any other plants that you want eliminated. IMPORTANT-unless you are using the parasol zombie in the transformation station environment NEVER teleport them in, as they are used to prevent plant tricks against plant tricks, if teleported in their ability becomes wasted, this is very important.     

        Turn 5 – this is the play where you pull out the big guns along with your 6 cost card which should be in the transformation station.(look back to turn 2, this can be very situational results may vary) For this turn you should skip your turn and play sheild crusher viking for 6 damage to face and to crush your opponents block meter, or supernova gargantuar to take care of pesky copies.  This card is extremely good if you find yourself in a situation where you are playing an opponent with mirror nuts and mushrooms! Or even magic beanstalks or any other card that contains power in numbers! 

       Turn 6+ –   At this point transformation is  Key for getting overwhelming cards while also playing tricks to keep that powerful card alive, or by dishing out additional damage from other cards, hints the name TRANSFORMATION DOMINATION


         Quick Summary- tempo deck, which incorporates transformation station and teleportation to overwhelm your opponent, a expensive but highly efficient deck if used right. Tricks are there to keep your transformed zombies alive or any other key zombie that you want alive, while dishing plenty of damage with Bounty-hunters, shield crusher vikings and supernova gargantuars! Telportaion Zombie and Transformation zombie are the key to the strategy. The deck is pretty self  explanatory, if any questions  possible improvements please let me know !


What the deck should look like  after adding set three cards:

please go there if confused on what the deck SHOULD LOOK LIKE 🙂 

  •  I wasn’t able to add the actual deck because at the time of me posting this there are no set three carts on the site 🙁

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2 thoughts on “Transformation Domination

  1. TogreaSan
    November 24, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    I like this deck! Suggestions: Evolutionary Leap, maybe take out Supernova and add Octo. Sadly, I don’t have Immorticia 🙁

  2. DojokittyzYT
    November 19, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Awesome deck you’re really good at building decks


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