The buffing sports deck with a win rate of 80% or over

 How to use this deck: This deck relies on keeping your guys alive, then buffing them out of control. You would start out with arm wrestler, then play accordingly. As soon as you get an imp mascot and 1 or 2 other sports zombies (of just sports zombies without team mascot), you play a sports coach which will not only cause chaos for your opponent because all sports zombies cannot take damage that turn, but also guarantees 1 imp mascot buff (1 health/1 attack). As you go along, you may or just for the sake of buffing buff up your sports zombies with monster mash, vitamin Z, camel crossing, and maniacal laugh. You also have terrify/destroy a plant for moving a plant to save your sports zombie (or amphibious plants) and destroy a plant for any to-big-to-take-out-threats. You have weed spray for spam control (nuts/shrooms). As soon as the board is completely filled (most likely with 2 sports zombies and zombie coach) play a coffee zombie to give all sports zombies frenzy. You have nurse garg for late game healing (you may replace this if you don’t have it), Rodeo gargs for moving over plants (and potentially for late game defense), and 1 Zombot 1000 for emergency board clearance (you may replace zombot if you don’t have it).

What to do against specific heroes?:

intellectual heroes:Play your arm wrestler on turn 1 to where it can survive. You want your arm wrestler to survive on turn 2 in which then you can play sumo wrestler, moving a weak plant in front of arm wrestler, Navy Bean, or something that will kill arm wrestler anywhere else (also not in front of sumo wrestler). On turn 3, if you have galvanize and a team mascot in hand wait until turn 4 to where you can trick your opponent into thinking they can kill the mascot but they cannot because you used galvanize to increase the mascot’s health to 5, on turn 3 try to play another sports zombie or use a trick buff. Then on turn 4 play zombie coach, and if you have at least 2 sports zombies and coach out when you just played him, that is where the chaos starts. Since all sports zombies cannot be hurt, it makes it SUPER hard to stop them (and including imp mascot in the mix, the strategy is even harder to stop). From there just play late like maniacal laugh for potential lethal, monster mash for buffing all sport allies, and coffee zombie for also potential lethal. If you get camel crossing earlier on, then just use that instead of vitamin Z. Otherwise against intellectual heroes, you should be set because the cards the have don’t really pose a threat (except bounce).

Guardian heroes: Same as intellectual heroes, the cards they have don’t really pose a threat to this deck because you have weed spray/destroy a plant and zombie coach. (follow same strategy as the intellectual heroes explaination.

Kabloom heroes: This hero type does pose a HUGE threat to this deck. They can berry blast the arm wrestler out and sumo wrestler, and imp mascot. Overall its hard to get something going with kabloom heroes because of there direct damage. Simply put, just try your best.

Mega Grow heroes: This class does not serve that big of threat to your strategy. You will most likely need to NOT to turn 1 arm wrestler, but wait. If they have bonk choy, you need to move it with either sumo or terrify. If they are running a buff deck, then its safe to play your sports zombies. The biggest threat against this deck is plant food, which if a plant has high enough attack can destroy your sports zombie. Otherwise, just play your cards right and you should win.

Solar heroes: This hero type serves as not huge threat, but still a threat. If they are running hammers (which they might) either take your chance and put out arm wrestler or just wait. If your arm wrestler fails, you still can sneek out sumo wrestler because its a gravestone zombie. Solar also has Squash (destroy a zombie) which means they can easily remove high late game allies that are buufed, or take out imp mascot while its protected by zombie coach. Just like Kabloom classes, try your best to get the strategy going.

Over all, solar flare is the direct counter to this deck and YOU MUST play very cautiously. However besides solar flare, this deck is a great deck against usually a lot of heroes and is super hard to stop once you get it going. I’ve went on a 20 game win streak before loosing so I recommend you try it.

Card Replacements?: replace 2 nurse garg with a camel crossing and rodeo garg.

replace zombot 1000 with another rodeo garg.

maniacal laughs and coffee zombies run a pretty big role in this deck, so i recommend you to replace them with all stars (if you have them), another locust swarm and weed spray, and maybe 3rd monster mash.

I hope you enjoyed this deck and until I make another…..bye 😉


Updates: i took out 2 monster mash because it was not as effective as i realized/hoped.

running 4 vitamin Z in my opinion was a bit much…so i took 1 out. I added 3 landscapers to help out in early game for protecting sports zombies/ and for small removal involving plants with 2HP. Welp, thats my update still working on my next deck its gonna be good ;). (not sure when its gonna get done though :/)


Updates 2: i am currently not sure where to put football zombie in this deck because there is already so much going on in this deck. However, i noticed this deck lacks a solid turn 5 play sometimes and i believe football zombie can fix that. sadly, i do not know where to replace it with what cards so i am currently open to suggestions and feedback to where i can put football zombie in this deck. THX 😉  

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5 thoughts on “The buffing sports deck with a win rate of 80% or over

  1. Robert
    January 10, 2017 at 6:57 am

    How would octo zombie work in this deck? Could I use two, because I have two of him?

    • Tompy235
      February 25, 2017 at 2:08 am

      Octo zombie could probably replace both nurse gargs, or the zombot
      why….well zombot is for out of control plants, though octo zombie is definitely a better finisher (game ender)
      i only have the nurses for healing HP if you took a lot of damage in the process of protecting your weak minions to be strong ones, and they benefit from some of this decks buffs (more healing :D). Octo zombie though is a much better and stronger card than nurse garg to end the game instead of prolonging the game with nurses. You may make this adjustment if you want to…..idk how it would work though because i only have 1 octo zombie currently….and im also considering to add a 2nd zombot in this deck.

      anyways THX for your feedback! and enjoy this deck 😉

      • Yourmom78
        March 22, 2017 at 5:27 am

        I also agree they are a big finish and very powerful late game

        • Tompy235
          July 18, 2017 at 9:02 pm

          this deck also got significantly better in the new card buffs update 😉

  2. Tompy235
    January 10, 2017 at 5:01 am

    also, should i add 3rd weed spray? or your choice to do that if u want to


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