The BEST freeze deck (80+% winrate in ultimate/taco)

So I know that the consensus is that Rose is the best freeze class, but I disagree. Green Shadow has access to all the same freeze tools, plus all the broken plant minions from mega-grow. This is a somewhat skill-intensive deck, and relies on you making smart value plays and being aware of your matchups. I used this for climbing a few Taco League ranks while winning about 80% of my games, and it continues to shine at Ultimate level for me.

How to play:

This is a tempo deck at heart, and without a big finisher your wins will come from outvaluing your opponent. Save your freeze cards until you can get synergy from Snowdrop or Winter Squash. Never play either of those cards on curve unless you are 100% sure that your opponent can’t remove them immediately. Usually your opponent will spend early removal on Black Eyed Pea and Mayflower since they snowball so quickly, leaving you to make huge tempo plays with Winter Squash later on. Spacing is very important as well. Leave a lane between your plants so you can maximize Jolly Holly, which can create huge tempo swings with value trades. Bok Choy is only to be used to remove problematic zombies like Headstone Carver and Gargologist unless you are making a push for lethal that turn. Try not to play into Weed Spray, as this can decimate your early board of Peas and Mayflower. Save Brainana for a push for lethal, although just having a 3/3 in the water lane is very hard for zombies to deal with and can win games on its own. Eventually your opponent just won’t be able to deal with all your threats, as Green Shadows classes have access to the games best plant minions. Don’t play this as a face deck and always go for value trades first.


Always keep Bok Choy for early trades, and Black Eyed Pea to snowball and bait removal. Sportacus is a must-keep against Brainstorm, Immorticia and Rustbolt, and will often decide games against these classes on its own. Keep Snowdrop but don’t play it until you can gain freeze synergy. 


Snowpea can be replaced by Fire Peashooter, which might be better in a lot of matchups. All of the other cards are pretty essential, although you can replace a Bananasaurus with another Brainana or a Super Phat Beats if need be. 


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