Tanky Freeze Control v1.3

I’m back to revise my decorated Citron Freeze (currently +15!) deck with the newest events!


Where’s Spyris?  –  Snowdrop/Lettuce/Potato Mine gets costly for 1-drops

Where’s Sportacus?  –  Already lots of 3-drops. Chilly Pepper, Pear Cub, and one of my favs, Mayflower. Sportacus is good, but I only got one and he ALWAYS rolls threes on the block meter. AUGH!

Where’s Hot Date?  –  I don’t own any, should I go ahead and craft 1 at least to test?

Don’t even ask about Red Stinger…


I pulled WN Bowling on the GK final Hero Quest reward, and it’s already served me well. Honestly, since this is Freeze, load up with as many legendaries as you can/prefer. 6 would be max probably.

Snake Grass still might get kicked, but has solid attack power and generates favorable matchups by recycling itself as long as one stays alive.

Shamrocket supports Squash, that’s why only two.

Pulled a third Brainana. But I still want a fourth.


That covers the additions. Ask questions if you want!


Edit #1: took out Snake Grass for Spyris and Poppin’ Poppies. Still testing.

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2 thoughts on “Tanky Freeze Control v1.3

  1. ZombotProSkillitronic
    April 15, 2017 at 5:31 am

    Freez, I will rate when you have seen my comment and etc. I am not 100% sure if you are doing it right, potato mines? I’d make them Spyris. Snake Grass really feels out of the deck and is not what you want on a freeze deck as you need to always make space for Jolly Holly. So I would swap them for Jolly. And just for the extra, Any Zucchinis.

    • FreezShocka
      April 15, 2017 at 11:01 pm

      Potato Mine is Wall-Nut that works even when power-removed, guards our Snowdrops. I only own 1 Spyris, 2 Jolly Holly, and no Zucchini, because I’m generally F2P, only spent $5 on the game. Yes, after testing, Snake Grass sucks. He works better in an Amphibious Navy Bean deck I’ve been using with the best Citron Amphi cards.

      That said, I’m working for Hot Date, Jolly Holly, more Legendaries, Spyris, and Sportacus. Thanks for the comment!


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