Super Brainz control??

Hi all.

Just decided to give superbrainz a chance and tried to build a control deck with mixed up gravedigger since it works so well with pogo and electrician in this case.

It is very similar to control neptuna or brain freeze, both have mixed gravedigger as key card there, but in this case we have more draw with the imps and super brainz powers, in theory we also have more control on any big plant because we have rockets, cut down to size and super stench, besides all the control cards as pogo and backyard bounce.

It is a little bit strange to have backyard bounce, i havent seen much of this card on high rank macthes but i am giving it a chance just because i dont see a better three cost drop, i thought about smelly zombie but with pogos, line dancers, electrician and rockets and all that he became just a dead card constantly in my hand. I thought about stealthy imp also but i rather have the line dancers with the electricians, besides one of the weakness of this deck is that we dont have enough protection for the water lane, only bounces, rockets if its a guacodile or something like that, and the sharks.

Same thing to firefighter, im just testing it up, im just in taco league right now and out of 3 games i just ran into diamond league players and won all of them, although i havent been able to test firefighter too well, i dont know if it works with mixed up gravedigger, i have heard it does but i dont know for sure.

The rest of the cards are pretty much “standard” control gravedigger, the shark, suprise gargs, line dancers and the roosters. Beam me up is just a good two cost drop, it serves as control because you can land it wherever you want after you oponent makes his play.


NOTE: Im actually running this deck with 4 chimney sweep instead of 4 leprechaun imps, but thats because i just dont have the imps yet, they are better than the chimney.

NOTE 2: Firefighter actually its triggered when played with gravedigger, so you can make a loop with those 2 if needed.

Any comment and suggestions please feel free to post them and tell me your thoughts about this deck.

Cya all!

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