Special Prerelease Idea- Control

Good Morning Ladies and Gents today I think I have got something quite deadly! This deck will be boosted after the release of Galactacactus which is a 2/2, Bullseye and the ability to DMG all active plants and zombies when destroyed. Now this card has been leaked by Ginta Gaming, a hacker who knows the cards that probably will come in DECEMBER. I find that this card with Garlic is going to be a scary combination with cards like Hibernating Beary, Hot Date, Pear Cub and Prickly Pear for a bonus removal. This will be a Tempo Control that I can’t even wait to use! Now this deck is a Midrange Guardian control but helped from our Garlic, using Garlic- With the help of Steel Magnolias creates a high healted garlic that moves zombies to lanes with Hibernating Berry and Pear Cub, ready to buff them up. Use LOTV for enforcing Garlic and Red Stringer, will be your Armor or Enforcer on these unleashed cards. Guac Is our removal card with its ability to remove any zombie with -8 health. Finally use Bonus attacks on Beary and finish off you Opponent. I think you have got the rest.

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3 thoughts on “Special Prerelease Idea- Control

  1. FreezShocka
    April 19, 2017 at 2:26 am

    Also, GK doesn’t use Doom-Shroom well as he’s a buffer. All Shamrocket would be better.

  2. FreezShocka
    April 19, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Note: Garlic now is 1/5.

    Ads are nerfed to 5 gems apiece. Why Popcap. Why.


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