Some R.P.Gs (With help of Completely Bananas) (Need Feedback Please)

So I decided to try out a new hero, I turned out choosing Captain Combustible. I really like this guy, a very early game agressive hero. I made this deck and I have a few warnings about.

1. This deck is not guaranteed to work everytime, so I really want your opinions to help me make this stronger.

2. Set 3 cards are not here yet, so here’s the actual cards:

Fertilzer=Grape Power

Berry Blast=Umbrella Leaf

Potted Powerhouse=Bamboozle

Now let me explain my first CC deck, Some R.P.Gs.

Of course R.P.G. standing for Really Powerful Greens. This is a strategic late game deck that requires 100% effort put into it. You really need to take your time to make sure you don’t lose a lot of HP. That’s step 1 of this deck. Take out small enemies with Banana Bombs and move zombies to defenses with Banana Peel and Sweet Potato. Some offense includes Black-Eyed Peas to prevent tricks, and Lilys to help buff the late game plants. Step 2 begins in turns 5-7, playing a late game card and draw as many cards as you can. Play a Plucky Clover or evolve a plant to Bamboozle to obtain tricks. The Final step, step 3, is going all out. Before proceeding with this step, check the Zombie heroes brains and make sure it’s safe to play. Empty the lane with your late game card, and buff it up with cheap tricks like Grape Power, and finish your turn with one of the Captain’s great set of superpowers. If you follow all these rules and play it safe, you’ll do massive damage to the hero. Conserve your cards,  keep an eye on your HP, and DON’T get lost. It’s easy to screw this plan up.

And that’s the deck. Please tell me how I can improve this in the comments. Thank you!

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