Smell the PINES ( A Capt. Combustible Pineclone Deck, w/ Guide )

Since you’re using Captain Combustible, the mentality of your opponents will be that you are going for a strong tempo using mega grow plants or bonus attacks with repeat moss. But this deck goes for a completely different strategy by making use of pineclones which will surpise your opponent.

* use Sweet PotatoTeam-Up - When played: Move a Zombie from another lane to here. for getting rid of annoying zombies on the water lane, and also for for making 2 pineclones in 1 lane.

* Banana SplitWhen destroyed: Make 2/2 Half-Bananas next door.‘s ability is also helpful for setting up pineclones, by first putting it on an empty lane. More likely than not, the opponent would not want taking 4 damage to face.

* Bananasaurus RexDouble Strike When you draw a card: This gets +1/+1 . and Grapes of WrathWhen destroyed: Do 6 damage to the Zombie Hero. are the finishers or they can also be just another threat on the field which helps divert your opponents attention away from the PinecloneWhen played: Transform all Plants into 3/3 Pineclones. you should have been able to set up considering the amount of low cost plants in this deck.


Note: You can try changing 2 Poison MushroomAnti-Hero 2 and 1 Wild BerryWhen played: This moves to another random lane. for 3 copies of Blooming HeartWhen this does damage, it gets +1 Attack.. I only keep them (because i have no copies of Blooming HeartWhen this does damage, it gets +1 Attack.) and also for matchups against rustbolt since he can’t use Rolling StoneDestroy a Plant with 2 Strength or less. against Poison MushroomAnti-Hero 2 and Wild BerryWhen played: This moves to another random lane..

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