Shroom Control

Good afternoon! I love that I have a platform to share the decklists I’ve enjoyed over the years on PvZ:Heroes! Here is a list I love to rock when I’m feeling speed but need some late game control to see it through. 


Lately, I’ve been on a Mushroom craze, absolutely loving what can be done with Punish-ShroomWhen a Mushroom is destroyed, do 2 damage to a random Zombie or Zombie Hero.. I generally run an aggro mushroom deck with a different feel, but I generally run out of ways to deal direct face damage to heroes as their threats get out of my control (and that is no place anyone wants to be!) Spuddow has all the answers at low prices! 


You might ask why BluesberryWhen played: Do 2 Damage. and Electric BlueberryAfter combat here: Do 6 damage to a random Zombie or the Zombie Hero. are in a mushroom list? Simple! I want to get as much face damage dealt after I drop a turn 3 Punish-ShroomWhen a Mushroom is destroyed, do 2 damage to a random Zombie or Zombie Hero.. You’ll find that yes, like all mushroom decks, Weed SprayDestroy each Plant with 2 Strength or less. crushes us. This is an inherent risk in playing plants in the first place. 


Please let me know what you think in the comments section! 

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