sharktronic makes a splash!

This deck is all about controlling. Specifically with lots of splash to rek shrroms and make shark-sub a god.



Fire Rooster : an easy was to kill mushrooms turn 2 and put a 3-1 on the board for chip damage.

Barrel of DeadBeards: reactionary card that can actually take advantage of spikeweed. works well with super stench.

Fireworks Zombie: as the description says, “want to clear so mushrooms? Fire Works” very good turn 4/5 for clear all those mushrooms from grottos. triggers barrel bud sadly kills line dancer,rooster, and impinity clones.

Smelly/Pogo : they are in this deck to remove threats invulnerable or impacted positively by splash (the bear plants) pogo is strangely not essential to this deck.

chickening: shark + chickening cots the same as teleport zombot, hint hint.

Trapper Zombie: holy crap is he good in this deck. turn 4 is the sweet spot for environments (previous turn grotto/spikeweed,flytrap,forcfield,pear paradise) if you can predicted their play you can basically skip their turn 4 environment play, due to this trapper can be an EASY 3 for 1 E.g turn 3 they played grotto and turn 4 and filling the board for the expected pineclone. not only does it remove the grotto but it kills the shrooms used to activate it.  and secondly since it acts like a zombie spikeweed it triggers your shark , you can actually make the play of putting the shark in the environment if you worry about minion-ized removal. 

shark/binary : this is where all that damage type removal come into play. binary is cheaper but and is better when attacking the hero, as well as being a gravestone. while shark is more expensive and more vulnerable, but since the meta has sped up and the introduction of the 4 cos briar rose, hard and slow removal has become obsolete. meaning almost nobody has a counter outside bounce and shamrocket. and don’t forget that secondary effect, 11 damage hitting face in the water lane is fantastic.

Plankwalker : if the opponent is stilling hanging on after having their board cleared and attacked by an angry robot shark, this is the final finisher. it is also god for anti wall-nut bowling because the extra pirates can chump block the ground lanes.


Pros of this deck :

almost always gets card advantage

kills and deals with the most popular environments for free.

able to control very well during every part of the game.

pineclone decks are  joke vs this.

if the enemy is predictable they basically lose.



almost all control aspects are either reactionary to the opponent’s last p;ay or need some good prediction.

not drawing trapper can screw you vs good environments like force-field.

opponent can abuse splash with the bears, and armor.

not much oomf if shark is removed.

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