(Set 3) Impfinity Aggro/Miracle Deck High Ranked Win Rate + Plus Guide

Imp- Swabbie 

Barrel of Deadbeards- Barrels of Barrels 

Backup Dancer- QuickDraw Con Man 

Cakesplosion-Unexecpted Gifts


Even though this deck may look a little inconsistent, but keep in mind i don’t have extra copies of certain cards, but anyways, you wanted a guide, here you go!

Swabbie: A nice free chumblocker, it draws Superpowers to it, and its a early aggressive force, plus for the MEMES #swabbie2018

Barrels of Barrels: Can make your Space Ninjas or other Zombie forces Deadly and cheap card draw

Bungee Plumber: Stable Control and Aggressive Trick

Disco-Naut: Nice 1-cost that makes your team Bullseye

QuickDraw Con Man: This is a very strong 1-drop that brings damage and controls your opponent

Dr.Spacetime: Makes all your Conjured Cards cheaper and while hitting the opponent, gives you cards

Frosty Mustache: Its not only a Control/Card Draw trick, it’s stylish!

Space Ninja: Nice Aggro force that damages all plants in an Environment

Laser Base Alpha and Moon Base Z: Both amazing Environments that allow your team to hit the opponent and provide buffs (LBA gives Deadly and MBZ gives Overshoot)

Unexpected Gifts: Nice Card Draw, Buffs any Dino-Roar Cards, and makes your Con Men hit your opponent, just use caution that some plants can ABUSE this

Space Cowboy: Combos nicely with Disco-Naut, MBZ, and LBA. Its also a nice powerhouse that wrecks your opponents walls and takes quick kills

Tankylosaurus: A great splash card that LOVES it when you draw cards

Binary Stars: It will double ALL of your card’s damage so it brings your aggro force a big finish, but be careful with those Guardian Heroes’s Gravebusters

This deck has a couple of strategy that are proven to work successfully

Strategy #1 Quick Win

The name speaks for itself, use your aggressive cards, like your Disco-Nauts and Con Men, to get the upper hand, pressure them, and bring in the Stars to end their sad, painful game

Strategy #2 The Miracle of The Conjuring

Get the name pun you are a legend, but anyways, this Strategy requires RNG. Let your Dr.Spacetime cheapen all of your Conjured cards from himself, B.O.B’sFrosty MustachesThe Gifts and let lose your gambling side and that poor one “Deadly” Tankylosaurus go insane and kill everything.

Strategy #3 The Ninja Nightmare

The basic idea of this strategy is, you guessed it, use the Space Ninja and Environments to destroy the Plant’s army and let your boys hit ’em where it hurts. The MBZ  is the best cause it triggers its Ability early because of its Overshoot buff and Binary Stars  make the little splash a bit more destructive. But want to go more insane, give it deadly with B.O.B or Super Stench and kill everything.

Superpower Usage 

Super Stench should be used to counter big plants or “strengthen” your horde, plus make your Space Ninjas or that Tankylosaurus go nuts

In-Crypted can protect your Tactical cards survive and gives a card, but keep this BIG fact in mind, Zombies with passive effects, like Smashing Gargantuar, will not activate while in Gravestone

Brute Strength should be used for Aggressive approaches, kill committed big plants, or finish off the opponents. Also, Disco-Naut will not give cards with a power more than 3 Bullseye, so if you want to use this effect, buff Con Man or a card with no attack.

Triple Threat is a “jack of all trades” card, it can give you early offense, block incoming damage, or if you are the gambling type, can be used with a RNG Bad moon Rising


Plant Aggro decks STOMP this deck if they get the upper hand before you do, for example like Captain Face or Aggro Flare Decks

If you get bad pulls or Unexecpted Gifts give your opponent good stuff you may be in a pickle

Control decks can cause problems but overwhelm them and they’re considered chicken dinner


Unexpected Gifts: This is a rare card so you may not have this card, so i recommend replacing them with more Dr.Spacetimes, Hot dog imps, or Zombot’s Wrath

BUDGET:  If you don’t have the Sparks for the Legendaries, you can swap them for options like the ones mentioned before, Chickens, Jesters, Unlife of the Party,or Anti Hero cards 

Hoped you enjoyed this deck and Stay tuned for more! 🙂


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One thought on “(Set 3) Impfinity Aggro/Miracle Deck High Ranked Win Rate + Plus Guide

  1. Markall48
    January 17, 2018 at 10:22 am

    Freeze decks are also a weakness…


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