Season 2 Freeze Rose (In-Depth Guide)

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As of today I climbed to Ultimate League using mostly this deck to grind through Diamond and Taco Leagues and so I wanted to share it with you now that I’ve done so. Freeze Rose is nothing new. In fact, here’s the link to TryHard’s Season 1 version:

It took me a while to come up with a good version to run in Season 2’s new crazy meta, especially since Jolly HollyAmphibious When played: Freeze Zombies next door. isn’t that good anymore, but I feel that this list is it. I’m now going to explain a bit why Rose is the go-to hero for a freeze deck and then go through the deck’s game plan, mulligan decisions, sweet interactions, and assessment of threats against it. Here goes:

Why Rose?

Freeze decks are almost always control decks that focus on slowing down the opponents’ aggressive plays in the early- and mid-games by freezing and fronting their minions and then eventually closing the game out with powerful finishers. Freeze Rose is no different. 

Rose, as a Solar hero, has some significant advantages over the other Smarty heroes who can run freeze decks. First, healing. Even though this deck has a lot of ways to avoid taking damage, the Zombies will invariably hit you. Rose can shrug off an impressive amount of damage which lets her actually get to the late-game where her powerful minions can take over. 

Second, ramp. Rose can get to the late-game sooner than other non-Solar Smarty heroes and can therefore lock the Zombies out quicker. She can get to the important 5 and 7 sun turns a turn early (or two in the dream scenario). Five sun is Winter SquashWhen a Zombie becomes frozen, destroy that Zombie.Iceberg LettuceFreeze a Zombie.. Seven sun is Winter SquashWhen a Zombie becomes frozen, destroy that Zombie.Chilly PepperWhen played: Freeze a Zombie. or Cool BeanWhen played: Freeze all Gravestones.

Third, you get CornucopiaWhen played: Make a random Plant in each other lane.. That card has diminished in value since its former Set 1 heyday but it remains a powerful tool that creates a full board worth of value for just one card. This is by far the least impactful advantage Rose has, and both Citron and Beta-Carrotina have Wall-Nut BowlingMake a 6 Health Wall-Nut with Team-Up in each Ground lane. Attack for 6 damage in those lanes. for a similar effect, but still it matters.


On turn 1, this deck doesn’t want to do anything at all. If you happen to draw Weed WhackA Zombie gets -2/-2. (or in extreme cases GoatifyTransform a Zombie into a 1/1 Goat.) AND see a good target for it, we’ll use it. Arm WrestlerThis gets +1/+1 when a Plant enters this lane. or even worse, a Cheese CutterWhen this hurts the Plant Hero:  Conjure a Gourmet card, and it costs 1 Brain less. or Disco-NautZombies with 3 Attack or less have Bullseye. are some of the few plays the Zombies can make that would make us want to spend our removal, as they are extremely powerful and generate advantages that are hard to come back from, or in Arm WrestlerThis gets +1/+1 when a Plant enters this lane.‘s case are hard to front effectively. Some of these threats are worth fronting with SpyrisAmphibious You can tap Gravestones to see which Zombies are hiding in them., especially against decks that don’t typically run many gravestones.

On turn 2, the ideal play is to ramp an empty lane with Solar WindsEnd of Turn: If there are no Zombies here, make a Sunflower here.. If we are under pressure though, we hope to have our combo of front with SnowdropThis gets +2/+2 when a Zombie is frozen., then freeze with Iceberg LettuceFreeze a Zombie. or Big ChillFreeze a Zombie. Draw a card.. I always save the superpower and spend the lettuce if I have the choice, since you do not give up valuable information to your opponent that way. Sow Magic BeansShuffle four Magic Beanstalks into your deck. Draw a card. is a great play if the opponent isn’t putting you under pressure, as it increases your deck velocity. In other words, it helps you cycle through your deck to find the right cards.

In the mid-game (turns 3-7 for this deck), we want to be getting value wherever we can and taking as little damage as possible. Freeze and front and play around the Zombies’ possible tricks, environments, and gravestones.

In the late-game (turn 8 and after), we want to start jamming our ridiculous legendaries and just completely overpower them. 

The Mulligan

We want to mulligan to ensure we have those good options available to us on turns 1 and 2. Toss out any of the expensive minions, including the Sap-FlingWhen Played: Make a Sappy Place Environment.. Toss out 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeHeal 4. Draw a card.. Keep a decent mix of everything else. If you don’t have a freeze card, try to find one. If you have a freeze card but not a SnowdropThis gets +2/+2 when a Zombie is frozen., try to find one. SpyrisAmphibious You can tap Gravestones to see which Zombies are hiding in them. is a fine keep.

Sweet Combos

The real unsung hero of the deck, the workhorse extraordinaire, the hero we all need but don’t necessarily deserve is the often overlooked Rescue RadishWhen played: Bounce another Plant.. Rescue RadishWhen played: Bounce another Plant. is the man. Re-buying a freeze Plant in the mid-game lets you get endless value and grow your SnowdropThis gets +2/+2 when a Zombie is frozen. very quickly. Re-buying a Sap-FlingWhen Played: Make a Sappy Place Environment. lets you battle environment-heavy heroes like Huge-Gigantacus. But the absolute best is re-buying multiple Aloe Vera against a Sports deck. In my recent ladder climb I have had multiple games where I went down to low single-digit life totals on no block meter and finished the game at 30+ life. Plus, you can just drop the dude on turn 3 and he’s pretty beefy. The deck doesn’t work without him. 


Final Thoughts

TryHard’s version was my favorite Set 1 deck to play, and I am glad to say I think I’ve finally cracked Freeze Rose for Set 2. I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and I welcome your comments. Until next time, tell the Zombies to “Chill, chill, chill!”


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