Rustbolt Garg Trickster Hybrid


Hey Guys,

This is a Garg Trickster Hybrid deck. Notice that I use Garg first, meaning that it is a Garg deck first and a Trickster deck second. 

Ideally in the Mulligan you try to get as many Rolling Stones and Beam Me Ups as you can. If you don’t have early game it is okay to ditch the Tricksters from the starting hand.

If it is a slow hero like rose you could keep a lot of late game and against freeze decks save a Rolling for the winter squash.

The main strategy in this deck is to teleport in the Gargologist on turn 3 and then play Defensive End on turn 4. You could follow up with either a Wizard Garg or another Defensive End. 

I used to run Electricians in this deck but Landscapers help to deal with Rustbolt’s biggest weakness that is flower decks.Against a solar hero, especially Wall Knight just play Landscaper dry and Rolling Stone the almost always played Power Flower.

One problem that this deck faces is the availability of lanes. So you want to make plays such that your small cards like Beam Me Ups and Landscapers die so that you have empty lanes to play your Gargs and Tricksters.

If the Garg strategy does not work you can always teleport in a 5-6 cost Trickster in for the win.

The one Undying Pharoah will come in handy when your health is low and against a board filled with Strikethrough Flowers like Bloomerang and Power Flowers.

This deck is a control deck for the first two turns and then turns into a Tempo deck from turn 4.

If you do not get any of the Gargs or the Gargologist it is okay to start with the Trickster and the tricks.

This deck wins a lot of games when played correctly. Enjoy!!!

PS: No the Defensive Ends cannot be replaced by Rodeo Gargs.

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