Royal Guard – a Flower Rose deck

Greetings everyone! This is a deck that I’ve used since season 1 with some changes made throughout the seasons that got me to diamond and above a few times already. As this is my first deck posted here, I hope I won’t make too many mistakes when describing it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

|General premise|

The main objective of this deck and it’s primary win condition is to establish as much board control in the mid-game as you can with plants that are hard to remove like Vanilla, Metal Petal Sunflower and Bloomerang so that you can capitalise on it with Power Flower’s and Briar Rose’s synergy later on. When that fails, another possible win condition is working on getting your finishers (Dark Matter Dragonfruit for example) out faster with your sunflowers and see your opponent struggle to deal with it while beating them down with your array of strikethrough cards while they’re distracted.

|Deck Overview|



Morning GloryWhen played: This gets +1/+1 if you made at least 6 Sun this turn. – The bread and butter one drop for almost all occasions. It can protect sunflowers, proc a quick Briar Rose when needed, and in some cases even bait out a turn two play so you can play a late Sunflower into some form of protection or further ramp with Metal Petal Sunflower. Due to it’s many uses it’s not really replaceable.
SunflowerTeam-Up Start of Turn: You get +1 Sun this turn. – One of the most important cards because of the importance of 3 cost plants. One of those on turn one can lead into many follow-ups depending on the matchup and your preffered strategy of choice. More on that later. Irreplaceable.
Apple-SaucerWhen played: If you made at least 6 Sun this turn, this gets Strikethrough. – When the initial hand doesn’t have a Sunflower this is the way to curve out nicely to avoid having an empty turn or wasting your superpowers. Later on it can be used for draw on Planet of the Grapes or to close out games. Can be removed to make room for a few extra copies of flowers or some draw.
Planet of the GrapesWhen a Plant here hurts the Zombie Hero, draw a card. – Your primary means of draw and a way to remove heavier environments from your opponent. Worth having, but can be replaced by other draw along with Apple Saucer, like Sow Magic Beans or Sage SageCosmic Sunflower wouldn’t be on my recommended list of draw, because your 3 slot is busy enough as it is.
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeHeal 4. Draw a card. – Works well when having a rough start or a rough late game. Not always for you though. Definitely worth keeping, can be added more of when replacing cards.
MayflowerAmphibious When this hurts the Zombie Hero, Conjure a Corn, Squash, or Bean. – Almost all outcomes are useful here, also a really good way of getting heavy removal (SquashSpring Bean and Jumping Bean) or wasting theirs. With enough bean synergy can be a win condition, but it’s far from guaranteed. Irreplacable.
Spring BeanBounce a Zombie. – Your most reliable removal. Useful in most games, but I don’t recommend adding too much more thanks to MayflowerBriar Rose and Chomper covering most cases. Sort of an emergency escape button. Mostly irreplaceable
Vanilla – Just a solid 3 drop to protect Sunflowers and get most of their cards out of the way. Why not Sportacus? Just the synergy, mostly for Power Flower. Really worth keeping, remove at most one.
BloomerangStrikethrough – Mostly for mixing synergy with strikethrough, making it a decent removal magnet in some occasions. Can be replaced for Snapdragons if you feel like it, but just be on a lookout for Chickening
Briar RoseWhen a Zombie hurts a Flower, destroy that Zombie. – One of the key cards, providing both board clear and a late game use for Sunflowers and Morning Glory. Playing it with 2 or 3 flowers or when expecting zombies dealing direct damage or heavy zombies to clear your board make it really game-changing. Irreplacable.
ChomperWhen played: Destroy a Zombie here with 3 Strength or less. – Might be an odd choice for some people, but when rolling off of a turn one Sunflower I found it way better than Whack-a-Zombie in many scenarios. Doesn’t have synergy, but it’s good here because we’re running Snapdragon for water lane clearing nevertheless. Can be swapped for Whack-a-Zombie.
Metal Petal SunflowerStart of Turn: You gain +1 Sun this turn. – Good for it’s stats alone and really helps with the secondary win condition with finishers in mind. Mostly irreplaceable.
SnapdragonSplash Damage 3 – A secondary board clear and good support card for your important plants. It’s low health can get counteracted with Briar Rose and Sunflowers in the late game. Not really replacable, but if you have to – Whack-a-Zombie or Melon-Pult.
Power FlowerStrikethrough Start of turn: Heal your Hero for 1 for each Flower. – Best plant for dragging out the game and pulling hard removal before the game-changers come out. When protected can let you stall for finishers or removal while keeping you healthy so you won’t die after you play the next big thing. Irreplacable.
Dark Matter DragonfruitAmphibious, Splash Damage 6 Zombie Tricks cost 6 Brains more. – The biggest game ender in your deck, simple as that. Other options include Cornucopia, The Great Zucchini, possibly Winter Melon, all of which can be mixed and matched. When playing on a smaller budget, remove or replace with Laser Bean and get other finishers with Mayflower.


I won’t go on too long here; all of them are great removal and assistance tricks not to be wasted unless you have no other means of removal in your hand. When using them early make sure you are protecting your board as much as you can before synergy comes up in play. After that point use only when you need them to save yourself from rushdown if they try to avoid fighting for board control or on any big cards they play.

|In-game strategy|

Mulligan and best hands

Avoid finishers altogether, removal unless it’s Chomper and a lack of one drops (in which case a turn one superpower is justified).
Example hands:

  • Sunflower – 3 drop – 3 drop – 4 drop
  • Sunflower – M. Glory – 3 drop – 3 drop
  • Sunflower – M. Petal – 3 drop – Finisher (not really recommended)
  • M. Glory – A. Saucer – 3 drop – anything
  • A. Saucer – 3 drop – 3 drop – anything (not recommended, but passable; further mulligan can cause you trouble)
  • Sunflower – 3 drop – M. Petal – P. Flower

NOTE: “Anything” does not include finishers.

Sunflower starts

  • Sunflower > A. Saucer + Whack/Chill – a weaker start overall that offers small amounts of synergy, but against slow decks can make magic happen.
  • Sunflower > M. Glory + A. Saucer – a fast, aggresive start that offers a lot of tempo even if the sunflower dies the following turn.
  • Sunflower > Vanilla > M. Petal/Chomper – the classic start, good for most matches. Metal Petal Sunflower works better if Vanilla is placed to protect the Sunflower; if placed away from it, Chomper should gobble up most zombie 3 drops that contest it.
  • Sunflower > Mayflower Sunflower usually dies to this start, but this opens up a lot more possibilities for the future.


Good matchups include Super Brainz, Brain Freeze and Rustbolt, as from what I gathered when playing they had the most trouble dealing with most strong early starts this deck can provide.
Slow control, ramp, and some other midranges shouldn’t cause you that much trouble.

Bad matchups are Immorticia, Huge Giganticus and Professor Brainstorm, as they can easly counter the Sunflower on turn one with their superpowers (Summoning, Iron Boarder) and swing the board in their favor, forcing you to play either catch-up or slow and more predictable.
Aggro with a lot early removal and decks that can outvalue your plants with ease will probably give you a run for your money (and stars)


That would be the end. Hope you enjoyed the guide and will enjoy playing the deck itself. If you have any questions or problems (both with the deck and the guide) feel free to ask – I’ll anwser the best that I can.
Best of luck!

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2 thoughts on “Royal Guard – a Flower Rose deck

    September 23, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    How did you happen to get rose?

    • Grev
      September 24, 2017 at 7:48 am

      Multipacks, multipacks and more multipacks. If you want to get a specific hero I’d suggest the hero packs more though, but I wanted the extra cards aswell.


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