Risky Butts

Card replacements representing Colossal Fossils:

1. Cosmoss =          Haunted Pumpking 

                               4 power 2 toughness

“When played: The Zombie player Conjures a Monster.”

2. Force Field =   Blockbuster

                              3 power 3 toughness, Bullseye

“Plant Evolution: Destroy all Gravestones here and next door.”



Dudettes and dudes! I’ve brewed a risky list wrapped around Haunted Pumpking and PecanolithAll Plants and Zombies attack using their Health instead of their Attack.. Here’s a simple idea: land an early 4/2 Haunted Pumpking and keep it alive. You’ll see I run 4 PhotosynthesizerA plant gets +2 Health.  Conjure a Galactic Gardens card., which handles 90% of the issues you run into while also drawing you a card. They’ll do anything they can to stop taking 4 damage. If it lives three turns and gets through, they start turn 4 with a maximum of 8 life. Yes, I hate giving them a free monster. The value is in the constant damage and guaranteed removal. If they drop a threat turns 2-3 in front of Haunted PumpkingPhotosynthesizerA plant gets +2 Health.  Conjure a Galactic Gardens card. makes your HP a 4/4. Tough cookies for your opponent, and you drew a Galactic Gardens card., which is mostly going to get you a card that Conjures another card (a real value train). Corn DogAmphibious, HuntJugger-NutArmored 1Bullseye, and Health-NutThis attacks using its Health instead of its Attack. all are threats that must be handled early, else they spiral out of control (also good targetes for PhotosynthesizerA plant gets +2 Health.  Conjure a Galactic Gardens card.).


Steel MagnoliaWhen played: Plants here and next door get +2 Health. is the real deal, people. In a deck focused on toughness buffs and doing damage with your toughness (PecanolithAll Plants and Zombies attack using their Health instead of their Attack.), this card is a minimum count of 3 in my lists. You set your threats one lane apart, and save the gap for a turn 3 Steel MagnoliaWhen played: Plants here and next door get +2 Health..

I prefer to run the new card Blockbuster, He is a great replacement creature for a doomed plant pre-combat. I’ve always leaned towards Brown in my lists for the specific gravestone removal options, because f*** gravestones

Late game wants for a turn 5 PecanolithAll Plants and Zombies attack using their Health instead of their Attack.. All of your previous plants played that made it to turn 5 are strong after PecanolithAll Plants and Zombies attack using their Health instead of their Attack. drops. Doom-ShroomDestroy all Plants and Zombies with 4 Attack or more. and SquashDestroy a Zombie. are always needed in every game I play. I wouldn’t touch those when considering replacements. 


I love the top end cards you can play 5-10. It is so hard not to play Cobb CannonAstro VeraWhen Played: Increase your Hero's maximum Health by 10.  Heal you Hero for 10., or CornucopiaWhen played: Make a random Plant in each other lane.. You can switch out many of these to suit your play style! I like to use Poppin' PoppiesWhen played: Make Lil' Buddies here and next door. to gain health, protect all my boys, and provide a reasonable target to Evolve into Blockbuster. Wall-Nut BowlingMake a 6 Health Wall-Nut with Team-Up in each Ground lane. Attack for 6 damage in those lanes. is generally a win condition in my matches. I will never stop playing this card. 

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