[Rank50] Tempo/midrange gravestone


This deck is reasonably cheap and is a NON-aggro list with NO anti-hero cards. It relies on getting ahead on board in early 3-4 turns and follow up with a lot of powerfull 5 and 6-drops.


-destroys solar flare, grass knuckless and captain combustible

-reasonably cheap and easy to find replacements for missing cards

-doesnt suffer from bad hands that other gravestone decks do

-very consistent with no cards over 6 brain cost, yet with a ton of power



-has no AOEs or removal tricks (and even against board floord and aggro decks that doesnt seem to matter)

-headstone carvers and mixed up gravediggers have some anti-synergy




It is different from other decks because it does not focus face damage unlike most super brainz decks, quite the opposite, most of the time it is best to trade early on. The main focus is on high ammount of tempo removal and cards that trade 2 for 1 (not because of value that creates but because of tempo advantage. The deck tries to flood and overwhelm the opponent with massive board tension and instead of focusing on massive blows early on, you actually dont mind proccing enemy blocks


the deck palys a lot like some other gravestone decks, but uses 4 copies of hail-a-copter, arguable the most underrated card in the game, the card functions a lot like a trickster…except it is in a more proactive deck…the block meter is usually irrelevant since you are bound to always have something to proc the block with all those small minions, the key is to not rush too much especially against smarty heroes that may play freeze, on the other hand, this deck DESTROYS solar flare no matter how good or bad your hand is, now as a solar flare player myself I had no issues beating other gravestone decks, but this one makes it incredibly hard to beat, hailacopter can only be countered by full board or brainana )smarty class only= and surprise gargantuar works basically the same


This deck along with a few others helped me all the way from rank43 to ultimate league with extremely high winrates and has proven to be the most consistent deck alongside neptuna.



Budget version:

-2 toxic waste imp, + fishy imp 

-1 mixed up gravedigger, +1 surprise gargantuar

-1 line-dancing zombie, + electrician




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