[Rank50] Control Z-Mech (outdated)

EDIT: this deck is outdated and after further playtesting does not work currently. I am looking for a better list, on the bright side the stupid cupid does work well as a very versatile card, gargantuars and garg fest are both too slow to contest early aggression and gargs are too weak against control decks while garg feast gets useless versus cornucopia control decks. Once I get some barrel of deadbears i ll try damage based lists


NOTE: I would not recommend this deck for climbing ranks because games take a long time and the deck is not fully optimized yet. It has been doing well but it is hearty focused with maxed rolling stones and weed sprays with maxed cupids and landscapers, there might be more crazy focused list that is better, also bonus track bucketheads are lackluster. I have created this deck for fun but it has had around 80-90% winrate with 1-2 losses in 25-30 or so games. I used it as my 10x hero since citron bored me after a couple games



This deck is surprisingly fun and powerful, stupid cupid is very versatile as a 1 damage ping against aggressive decks or to finish off 1hp plants and is immensely strong as hard removal later on with rolling stone/weed spray.  The decks main weakness is actually not hard removal (stupid cupid combos work well, and exploding imp too, your big minions challenge everything in late game) it is more the fact that superpowers are absolute GARBAGE. whatever you can get out of your crappy superpowers…take it



-tons of small removal and ways to manipulate enemy creatures

-amazing late game



-terrible superpowers

-somewhat unreliable removal (the addition of stupid cupid has fixed this problem)



This is a very fun control deck that relies on disrupting the opponent and stalling through early turns and then drop big minions that your opponent simply cant ignore, garg feast is there to help if game gets late against control decks.

The weakness are obviously tempo mega-grow decks if they can buff their minions out of control, doesnt really happen though with all the removal, you should be able to keep board clean by turn 4 and then drop buckethead and shift their focus. medics also function as a means of dealing with 3/3 and 3/2 plants and offer healing (which can be very usefull when used on your big minions unless you are at a threat of dying). This was honestly the most fun 10x hero I had and nobody expects it or knows how to play against it


REPLACEMENTS (everything else is pretty important for deck to function):

-2 bonus track buckethead, +2 exploding imp


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2 thoughts on “[Rank50] Control Z-Mech (outdated)

  1. Nautilus
    March 21, 2017 at 1:04 am

    You need Gargologist in this deck which will synergize with DE, Rodeo, Garg Feast and even Zombot’s Wrath (make it 1 brain). Sub out 4x Buckethead with Gargologist and 2x Exploding imp with 2x Zombot wrath and you will have a better win rate.

    • Xiaojyun
      March 28, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      at first i wanted this to be proper control deck but it has many weaknesses and I found out that gargologists as you meentioned help a lot

      I already removed bucketheads and exploding imps, they both dont do much.

      sadly I only have 2 zombots wrath and 2 gargologist, but those already made deck better, and I added imp throwing garg.

      the synergy with gargologists is actuallyy really good and most importantly it is a great early distraction


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