Professor Pay2Win deck (usually over or at 95% win rate)

Average base cost: 11.72 (will vary depending on trickster cost being decreased)

How to use this deck: This deck is only for pay2win players, but this deck has A LOT of potential if you can use it. This deck runs a ton of cheap tricks to decrease cost of trickster to play him earlier, including teleport to bring him on the board during trick phase. You also have utilities involving lurch for lunches for any annoying plants that MUST be dealt with, rockets for any powerful base attack plants or growing-out of control plants (examples: muscle sprout, snow drop, doubled mint, etc.). You have the firework zombie barrel of dead beards combo too, which can be used to clear the board for any weak plants that are vulnerable to 2 damage (you would play barrel of dead beards first, then play a firework zombie or even to barrels and then a firework zombie depending on the situation). You also have the option to teleport shield crusher viking, which will empty the block meter and make getting lethal (with usually trickster) a lot easier. An optimal hand would start with at least 1 trickster and tons of cheap tricks involving beam me up (which you can play early on as an offense and to decrease cost of trickster), bungee plumber for and plants that are easy to take out, fun-dead raiser for drawing cards (fun-dead raiser is very important, if you don’t get trickster in starting hand you should try to get it by drawing cards), and chickening for widespread damage. Since Professor Brain Storm has at least 3 super power tricks you can play on turn 1, would further the cheapness of trickster to play it earlier.




Weaknesses to this deck: Usually mirror nut decks. They can easily shut this deck down by spamming water chestnuts and walnuts, then playing a spine apple. This is a weakness do to lack of rolling stone/weed spray. However, if the player running this nut deck is skilled, they most likely will play mirror nut when they already have a lot of nuts out already when the player starts to set up for firework zombie barrel of dead beards combo. If player has doom shroom, then its even harder to get some offense going. As long as the guardian hero lives through trickster and is running a spine apple-mirror nut deck, then they can be safe to doom shroom barrel of dead beards, vikings, and tricksters. Mirror also plays a huge factor into countering this deck because each time you would hurt a nut plant while mirror nut is on the board, you will take 2 damage per hurt nut. This sadly means you cannot use the firework zombie barrel of dead beards strategy and you cannot use chickening/bungee plumber which limits you to what tricks you can use to get out trickster earlier. The person running the nut deck may also (and most likely) will be running smakadamia (which you can rocket safely), to increase the nuts health and to build an unstoppable wall of nuts (which means trickster cannot dish out 12 damage directly to the plant hero and the person using this deck will most likely will lose). However, if the player ins’t smart and doesn’t clog up every lane quickly, then you can play around the mirror nut damage and eventually get out a trickster (or by using teleport).



Who made this deck?: To tell the truth, I do not know. Though I did not make this deck, so whoever made it I credit that person for making it (somehow XD). I got this deck off of Fry Em Up’s video Kicking Professor Pay2Win’s butt, which is where he found the weaknesses to this deck and exploited them (using wall knight/grass knuckles). Even though I cannot use this deck, I decided to show to everyone who finds it anyways to show how powerful this deck can be……cya 😉




Updates: Over time…ive actually and eventually made this deck! Crafting the tricksters was definitely the hardest part. I have discovered that over draw in cards is too common in this deck (when i play/use it) so i took out 2 fun-dead raisers (over 2 of professor brainstorm’s superpowers having draw power) and put in another bonus attack (lurch for lunch) and another rocket (rocket science) for more control on the board. 



Helpful hints: x4 of the same card in a deck means YOU WANT to draw that card and use it in basically every game you play with that deck. x3 of a card means you want this card almost every game, it is very useful but does not hold enough sentimental value to have x4. x2 of a card means its just good to have on occasion, but is not good in every situation, just there to be helpful and to get that card in at least almost 1/2 of the games you would play in 1 day. x1 of a card means that only less than 25% of games you play in 1 day, and that this card is only good in very minuscule situations of low probable chance they would happen, but still be VERY useful in that one eventful moment in time.   

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3 thoughts on “Professor Pay2Win deck (usually over or at 95% win rate)

  1. Tompy235
    February 25, 2017 at 2:29 am

    a good substitute for viking is hail-a-copter
    if u are curious 🙂

  2. Tompy235
    January 22, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    whoa…..thx for 10 likes ;D

    • Tompy235
      February 25, 2017 at 2:11 am

      almost 20 likes?! ive been experimenting with my new deck…and i think im ALMOST FINALLY DONE ;D
      expect it in April or May…sry for the wait just perfecting this deck


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