Premium Flare – 90% WIN RATE (IN DEPTH GUIDE)

Hi guys, I’m Redshadows, and Solar Flare is my favourite plant hero by far. I played her a lot since the start, having quite success with a more budget version of this deck until gold league that you can find here: . After reaching gold, around 25,26 this decks started to be less effective, due to the presence of OTK decks and Gravestone Neptuna and facing generally stronger card during the late game. In fact the main problem with this budget deck, is the lack of consistency late game, when you can only rely on one copy of Cornucopia or dandy or whatever. Before posting this Premium version, I tried  multiples version, in order to find a perfect balance between having a decent mana curve, that allows me to reach the late game without too much struggling, and a strong late game presence, relying on more card than just one Cornucopia. Btw this deck it’s the result of all the feedback I had from you guys (really a lot, thank you!), all the removal deck posting here, all the time spent searching for consistency. Let’s watch the deck more closely, starting with the Solar Flare super powers.

SF it’s simply amazing in a control removal deck, 3 on 4 powers are removal, and the 4th one it’s still useful:

  • More Spore: The only non-removal power, useful to block incoming zombies attacking on the boards. Some times they can even trade, against not really smart opponent (e.s. UoP on turn 1). It’s required a bit of luck, NEVER play them aggressively, we don’t care about 2 damage. As a general tip of all your plant in the deck, you should never play them in free lane, always play in response to some treat, in front on a gravestone or trades or absorbing incoming damages, never play offensively.
  • Scorched earth: Really good removal, and debuffer, useful against smellies, crazies zombie in general, he can help your WB for a stronger debuff too.
  • SunBurn: Signature power, really useful, 2 damage plus one sun ahead over your opponent. I saw during my zombie games a lot of SF wasting the 2 damage on the hero at turn 1 just to get the sun advantage. DON’T do that! The sun advantage can be really useful, we can play a Whack-a-zombie on turn 2, and this is amazing, but really, don’t waste the 2 damage on the opponent hero, we don’t want to waste any kind of damage output we have and the sun advantage is not useful enough to let us waste this card. 
  • Weed whack: Another good removal, always remember, debuff are better than damage since we can let zombies survives on their lanes with only 1 or 0 attack, “stealing away” a lane from your opponent since zombie doesn’t have team up, and the only bounce they have is firefighter. Be aware from beastly kind of heroes (they have buffs) and heroes that have the In-crypted power, since it will reset the zombie stats.

Early Games Cards:

  • Morning Glory*: Not really an early game card, since we want to play it at 6 or after, but if we really need to block that damage, it can be always useful to have it in the hand during the early game.
  • Berry Blast: Our best card. Really. 3 damage, 2 sun. BB can remove everything on the board in early game. The perfect starting hand for me it’s with 2 BB at least, always dig for them. Don’t waste it against heroes, don’t waste it against useless 1/1, save them, if you can use W-a-Z or a super power, or WB, BB it’s such a good removal or damage dealer, we can even use them mid late game to trade bigger creatures (like Gargantuas Vs Sage Sage).
  • Water Ballon*: Before our feedback I always played 4x. But they are sometimes redundant. Always try to play them after 6, since they become really effective for closing lanes debuffing zombies, bot u can always use it against Snorkels and Fishes. 
  • Wild Berry: This card it’s like a jolly. We can trade some Zombie, or do damage, in the really early game.  The good thing it’s that WB will force the opponent to trade with her, wasting a removal (it’s immune to Rolling, Weed spray…) or a zombie, so, a good play on turn 2.
  • Whack-a-Zombie: Strong early removal, supereffective against hearty zombie type since the all have 3 Life ( e.s.Mascot, Sumo, Flag). You really want to have it in your starting hand.

Mid Game

This is the crucial phase of the game, during this phase we will pay all the bad decisions. 

  • SageSage: Totally a midgame card, never play it before 6, this card actually make your deck made by 36 cards. 2 suns, draw a card, block an incoming damage. For this price you can’t get more. I always reroll this card if it’s in my starting hand, since i only wants early games card at the start.
  • Second Best Taco of all time: key card, more health for us, or we can use it for heal an important plant we want to survive (usually power flowers). Ah right, we even draw a card. This card it’s really good, but it’s not so easy to play. During the mid game 3 suns can make a difference between a strong removal or try to raise our hp. Not always playing taco it’s the best choice, or a plant facing the zombie. Remember that zombies can trick you. Maniacal laugh, smoke bomb, L4L, if it’s a serious treat, try to remove it. 
  • Sour Grapes and Bluesberries: I will treat this plants as the same, the are really good walls, and the are useful removal, SG against crazy type, BB is more an all-round card, he can remove and body block, or face alone a Garg.
  • Power Flowers: Our best friend. So hard to deny (3 it’s a magic number), it heal us, it have strikethrough. For me one of the best plant in all the game. It doesn’t mean that we have to play it above all. If we have really low health, always prefer to remove the treat that can potentially kill us, instead to play a power flower in front of it. 
  • Squash: Nothing to say. The Removal. Don’t wast it on weak creature, only high priority targets as gargantuans or other really beefy zombies. DON’T waste it. Even if you have 3 in your hand. Don’t. Never. 
  • Cherry Bomb: I don’t know how many games this card saved. It just remove the pressure from the board. If you have 3 lines with zombies on turn six i’t always the best play.
  • Dandy Lion King: Yes. If we are lucky enough to draw it (always reroll if it’s in our starting hand) it can be a great play on six. If you never went aggressive then will be just 10 damage in the face, and a really good bodyblocking plant. Without big pressures that you really need to remove it’s a better play that Cherry Bomb, if it’s possible. 

Late Game

This is where this deck Shine! No meaning for me to explain you what to do, just play your legendary any time you can. They are all really good choice, you can’t really mess it up. Only one thing: in my build there are 2 Cornucopia since for me (even if it’s RNG based) it’s the strongest legendary plant card (for SF I mean) and i’t the only one that can really makes you win, no matter how much bad is going you game. If you prefer 2KK or 2DLK or another GoW it’s up to you. I founded this way more close to my playstyle . Feel free to explore and change whatever you feel. Thank you guys for all the feedbacks, without you I will never put a DLK in my deck and after some games I can say “Totally worth it!”



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12 thoughts on “Premium Flare – 90% WIN RATE (IN DEPTH GUIDE)

  1. El Boogie
    November 19, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    I have a weakness for the three-headed chomper so I put one in instead of kernel corn. Also, with so many berry cards it seems necessary to have a sergeant strong berry, just to make more damage!!!

  2. spounto
    March 9, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Love that deck.
    Ok I don’t have any Cornucopia so I play with 2 GOW (love that plant can block a gargantua and always does big damages), 1 DLK (played middle game for big damages or end of the game can make you win with a normal card if the deck is clean), 1 PO (played for finish the heroes),1KC for clean the deck

    I’m level 41 and it’s still working.

  3. KPCSlor
    December 24, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Working through diamond league and this is definitely my most consistent deck

    I don’t have Lion King so I run a magnifying grass instead but use it mostly defensively.

    • KPCSlor
      December 25, 2016 at 5:55 pm

      My win rate is still good in diamond, but having a tough time against early swarm decks like Neptuna. Any advice on how to deal with those?

  4. AlessCC
    December 24, 2016 at 5:09 am

    Awesome deck. Just gave it a shot and am 8-1 in gold league thus far. Not the most amazing or comprehensive of stats but it works great. Prof Brainstorm is definitely a tough matchup, and so is Neptuna and other heavy graveyard-based decks. All the other matchups have been a walk in the park up till now. Wish I had an extra Cornucopia but just replaced it with a KK.

  5. Cube
    December 13, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    I tried this deck and keep getting wrecked by surprise gargantuar, stealthy trash zombie,etc. In general, I always lose to gravestone deck because I cannot use removal on gravestone. There isn’t cheap plants to front a grave stone early game either. What do you suggest?

    • Redshadow
      December 16, 2016 at 12:37 am

      Definitely morning glory is your early game plant to put in front of a gravestone. Btw, even if this deck is more weak to gravestone, it’s not so terrible, like losing every time. Mulligan for creature against gravestones, sometimes sacrifice even your sage sage if you are sure you are facing the 6/2 trashy imp. The only problem could be Surprise, but it will last only one turn, and if you played well, 5 damage is nothing that you can’t handle.

  6. JRaspate
    December 7, 2016 at 11:09 am

    Hi! Have you guys noticed problems after playing Cornucopia recently? Specifically since a few hours ago today I have seen the problem in 4 multiplayer matches. Just as im about to close the game and win with my Cornucopia, the game just says something “Theres a problem with your game” and then it gives the win automatically to my opponent (always after playing Cornucopia).

    • Kid
      December 8, 2016 at 2:45 am

      I did several times….

  7. FleshGrafter
    December 5, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Redshadow, thanks for all the help! Solar Bolt got me all the way to the taco league. After that I needed a new deck and I made Freeze Rose, and while I think that deck is good, I don’t think it’s quite my style. That deck seems like combo-control, where as Solar Bolt was just straight control. So when I saw your updated version in Premium Flare I had to give it a try, and I must say it works very well! I’m seeing 80% + win rate with it. The only thing I do different is use 2x DLK and only 1x Cornucopia (because I only have 1 Cornucopia) and I’ve seen really good results with that version. So thanks again for all the help!

  8. Alan
    December 2, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    My dear Redshadow, thanks for the guide and sharing. I do have few question to ask you. Will be appreciate if you reply me.

    1. Do you consider a POISON OAK to be replaced CHERRY BOMB? I found sometimes opponent are spending all their brain and it’s a good time for anti-hero unfortunately i do have only CHERRY BOMB in hand. (Since both of them are costing 6 sun)

    2. Do you have any strategy to counter Professor Brainstorm? I found Professor deck are goes against SF control decks.

    3. About WILD BERRY, do you think it is better if we replace it with 4th W-a-Z?

    • Redshadow
      December 3, 2016 at 5:43 am

      1. Poison Oak is a really good card. I can suggest you to use it if you are missing some of the late game card in the list (for example the second copy of Cornucopia) instead replacing a cherry bomb. The point is that Poison oak can be good if we want to surprise the opponent taking him down with massive damage early. Since the style of this deck is super defensive, in turn 6 your opponent will still have 20Hp and he will starts to place serious treat, that is better counter with a removal, instead of trading damage ( for example you take 5 damage more but you dealt 9 with PO). Late game is different. 9 directed damage can be amazing to take down your oppo. Again, for me can be worth, but you should replace some late game card instead CB.

      2. Professor Brainstorm is a really hard matchup. First of all you have to try to understand what kind of PB deck are you facing. This is really important. If he swarm creature we have 2 (main) kind of decks: PB dance swarm or OTK Valkirie. In the first case, it’s like another aggro deck (like toxic impfinity), mulligan for sour grapes since crazy type zombie are really weak of health points. OTK it’s more hard to counter or predict. It’s important to try to fill the lanes, tryng to take down your opponent more aggressively instead pure controlling, since the combo Teleport + Valks + L4L will take us down anyway, even with all the the lanes closed. Bear in mind btw, that this deck are really hard to predict. Because the are very RNG based. You can totally destroy them if they don’t get the combo, or you can surrend at turn 6 if all they card they got chain eachother. Different it’s again the most famous (and way more consistant) P2W PB Trickster Deck. This deck it’s really a pain in the ass for us. Since it is control, like us, it don’t really need to “make a play”, and using a lot of trick, let us always falling behind on turn, since we are not able to quick respond to treats. P2W professor Brainstorm is the hardest matchup, and to be honest, for face him up you need a deck against him. With this kind of the you have low chance, even if you are Fry_Em_Up. Against PB P2W there is a really good Wall Knight deck built by Fry, you can check it on youtube.

      3. Wild Berry it’s our jolly. I played SF control for a lots of games. In my experiece I found that somentimes W-a-Z just stick in your hand for all the game since they are (generally) useful turn 2 to 4 or 5. Since they are quite expensive rarely you will play more than one in a single turn, and later on you will have better removal to play (i hope ;D). WB instead it’s more “rounded”. Btw feel free to try if 4 of W-a-Z fits more your playstyle, since the WB its not really a keycard in this deck.



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