Powerhouse Repeater (83 % win rate)

This is not meant to be played like a OTK re-peat moss deck. Those decks are too common, everyone knows them, and even if you do win it’s usually by the skin of your teeth or due to luck. If you play this deck right you’ll find yourself winning much more consistently against nearly any type of opponent.

Went from zero to taco league in only a few days and still climbing. I’m a F2P player so this is pretty much what I already have. The super rares make this deck a little harder to make if you’re starting out, but the legendaries can be replaced and there’s suggestions below! This deck plays really fast and can stall if you don’t get enough damage in fast, get wiped, or can be a little unforgiving if you make any mistakes (this is true of all decks though), so it takes some getting used to. It’s a very fun play style in my opinion though.

There’s double finishers in this deck with re-peat moss and potted powerhouse. You almost never want to start with a muscle sprout, plant food, or re-peat moss. Typically I go for shroom for two and buff shroom or bonk choy and either black eyed or berry blast (depends on the zombie hero, will touch on this below). Then fertilize or grow shroom and potted powerhouse for insane turn 5 drops.

This deck is punishing as far as tempo/ aggro goes (it’s kind of both) and your main focus should be keeping EVERYTHING alive and continually buffing as there is no card draw here or high cost cards. By the time you drop a 12/12 PP on turn 5 or a crazy re-peat combo many decks have answers so don’t just focus on those. About half the time I win just by having lane control and buffing the right small plants. So pay attention to your shield procs and your opponent’s as well as do the best you can to anticipate the zombie hero’s tricks (weed spray, chicken crossing, etc.). Sometimes saving your cards and taking some damage is a better play or buffing up one plant to survive and dish out that last bit of damage is better. Typically everything buffing a little is better as it confuses your opponent and makes it difficult to keep up with the tempo of this deck.

 Now I’ll explain each card and it’s purpose.

 Bonk ChoyWhen played: This gets +1 Attack this turn. synergizes with Potted Powerhouse and has great damage turn one. Takes care of arm wrestlers and headstone carvers. Mulligan for this against Smash or Neptuna or just for early damage. Gets rolling stoned a lot, but that’s okay. Better this than a black eyed pea.

Shroom for TwoMake a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here. is awesome as a double body 1 drop and draws out damage tricks early so they aren’t used on your stronger plants. Best when paired with buff shroom and synergizes amazingly with PP. Don’t be afraid to buff that back shroom with another plant, spell, or even embiggen or blazing bark if your opponent isn’t respecting the little guys. I’ve won many games with a puff shroom!

Berry BlastDo 3 damage. is pretty obvious as removal. Crucial if you’re anticipating deadly, as it can ruin your tempo and stall you out. Mulligan for this against impfinity as he almost always runs deadly. Also very valuable for clearing the water lane (neptuna) which is this deck’s weakness. So pick your shots wisely with this card. Don’t be afraid to take a little damage sometimes and wait a turn to decide if that’s really what you should use it on. Only use this on the hero as a finisher or to proc their shield for a finish. This spell can work really well with re-peat moss too.

Black-Eyed PeaThis gets +1/+1 when a Zombie Trick is played. is a beast. One of my favorite cards. This card is awesome against brainy heroes and makes almost anyone hesitate/ stumble. You always want to start with one or even 2 against Professor pay to win or Super Brains. While they’re trying to figure out how to remove this either lock down a couple lanes or buff this guy up so they can’t. Great in nearly any situation. Perfect for growing potted powerhouse too.

Buff-ShroomWhen played: All Mushrooms get +1/+1. is awesome when combined with shroom for two and can buff grow shroom as well. Not the best by itself so I only run 3 as I find it prevents you from drawing too many when you don’t want them. A key card for buffing potted powerhouse quickly.

Doubled MintStart of Turn: Double this Plant's Strength and Health. is a fun card that makes players panic. I have a couple and decided to throw them in since there’s so much buffing going on. Not great to play naked on turn 2 though. I recommend playing it with fertilize or grow shroom or with embiggen if you really want. It goes well with potted powerhouse but I don’t love starting a hand with this. Not a crucial card and can be replaced with another grow/ buff shroom for budget players. 

FertilizeA Plant gets +3/+3. is essential when keeping lane control, buffing PP, and  repeat moss combos. 

Grow-ShroomWhen played: Another Plant gets +2/+2. is great because it’s an extra body and it buffs a plant. I would run 4 and 3 fertilizers but fertilize works better with repeat moss. This is buffed by grow shroom and buffs PP. Often times the opponent ignores this plant and gives you time to buff this too, which most players don’t expect.

Muscle SproutThis gets +1/+1 when you play another Plant. is just something extra I had one of and threw in for fun. Can be replaced with a fourth plant food for budget players. This card isn’t great until later in the game if your lane control is being threatened. If you can throw a shroom for two and something else the same turn it can get out of hand quick and like double mint, usually makes opponents panic and scramble to remove this giving you time to win the match. Perfect for growing PP and works well with all the cheap plants and buffs in this deck.

Plant FoodA Plant gets +1/+1 then does a Bonus Attack. goes great with PP and repeat moss both, but isn’t great early game and can clog up your hand so I prefer having 3. Great spell for getting that extra push to finish the match when you really need it.

Re-Peat MossWhen you play a Trick, this does a Bonus Attack. most players know well and you either love or hate. This little dude can do some crazy damage and works perfectly with captain combustibles superpowers. Makes most opponents shift focus and many decks nowadays have an answer for this so don’t count on this all the time. Often I use it to dish out some removal/ face damage before it gets squashed. Allowing me to keep control and buff other lanes. Definently a OTK possibility but it’s important not to focus on this too much and save all your spells hoping for this. Just use it if it comes. This whole deck works together so trust your instincts. Sometimes I drop one in front of a zombie and use a spell on another plant or zombie so this and and another plant can survive instead of just buffing and removing around re-peat moss. Putting all your eggs in one basket is usually not the right play unless going for the kill.

Finally, Potted PowerhouseWhile in your hand: This gets +1/+1 when a Plant gains Strength or Health.. This thing is almost on par with Valkyries and gets crazy big fast. 13/13 on turn 5 is possible with shield procs and the right superpowers in this deck. The opponent either answers right away or they lose usually. Again, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes playing more plants first instead of buffs is better and this will get deadlied or destroyed about half the time but it usually buys you even more tempo/ lane control. 

The captain is my favorite hero just slightly ahead of grass knuckles because CC has better cards even though GK’s superpowers are OP. This deck goes perfectly with CC’s powers though. Contrary to how most players use his powers I use them on anything. I tried for a long time to use blazing bark and embiggen only on re-peat moss or powerful cards and this results in you taking too much early damage or wasting sun and falling behind tempo. Trust me, the best way to use his powers is simply use them when you need them (with reason; if it’s turn 4 save your blazing bark if there’s a RPM in your hand with open lanes and your opponent’s at 6 health lolz. And don’t meteor strike swabbies haha).

About half the time I win without playing a potted power house or re-peat moss. It’s nice to just play tempo without worrying about a OTK and just know you have two win cons in your back pocket. This is the first deck I’ve put up here and I just started playing again since almost a year off so I don’t have a lot of newer cards and I’m F2P. Please let me know what you guys think and if this could be improved! And upvote if you like so other new/budget players will see this. This has a slight learning curve as most of the time you’re going to take some damage and you have to be mindful of that. Otherwise have fun and enjoy those turn 5/ 6 wins and forfeits haha! In my past 100 games I’ve won 83 so this is a very potent deck in the current meta once you learn how to counter each hero. Have fun guys! 

Shoot me a request if anyone wants to play! l_Darkmoor_l (lowercase L’s and underscores)

– Darkmoor

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3 thoughts on “Powerhouse Repeater (83 % win rate)

  1. Flotuna
    March 10, 2018 at 2:09 am

    As another person who’s come back after a while of not playing its great to see a deck my legendaries are used in

    • Flotuna
      March 10, 2018 at 2:15 am

      How do you deal with environments?

      • darkmoor
        March 10, 2018 at 2:28 am

        It can be difficult at times. Strikethrough and gravestones can give you trouble. Usually I start racing and trying to deal face damage. I’m working on drawing more packs and trying to tweak this a bit to make it more contemporary in the meta. You could replace a bonk, mint, sprout, or even repeat moss for some coffee grounds… haven’t tested this though.


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