Power Control

This deck focuses on controlling in the early game with tricks and cards like pied piper or squirrel herder and stay alive for late turns. You can use Haunted-Zombies as extra cards to waste your opponent’s cards. You can use Beam Me Up to play on a plant that has weak health or block the lane.

You can use Teleport and play Haunted Zombie if you don’t have Beam Me Up but only as situation like Wild Berry, Punish-shroom when you don’t have some tricks in your hand to destroy it.

Your strategy in the late game is to bring Teleports and play powerful cards like Shieldcrusher, Octo-Z, Gargs and Zombot 1000 in Trick phase. You can use Nurse Garg to stay alive and boost with Maniacal Laugh to make your health full.

Watch out for Brainanas as weakness for your late-game strategy. You can teleport Gentleman in 4th turn so you can play Maniacal Laugh that your opponent can’t predict. 



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