Poppies Out of Nowhere

Wall-Knight becomes instantly powerful with this wreck & heal deck. Destroy weak and strong Zombies alike with Whack-a-Zombie and Doom-Shroom. Three-Headed Chomper destroys and break down walls whenever they like. To ramp things up, put down Soul Patch and Force Field to become unstoppable! Other protections like Poppin’ Poppies and Body Gourd put your opponent in a tough situation.

Weaknesses: Brainy class Heroes. Rocket Science and Cut Down to Size pick off the biggest troops and can easily rock the field, if controlled correctly. The Sun cost for these plants won’t allow you to survive if you’re opponent destroys you within the first 4 turns.

Strengths: Health damaging cards, like Beastly or Crazy class cards. Guardian and Solar combined can destroy Electric Boogaloo, only if you kill him first somehow. The powerful but costly cards can pack a late-game punch.

x3: Galacta-Cactus: Galacta-Cactus can be a great starter card to make opponents chip health, slowly. Be careful with triggering Crazy class Zombies, like Barrel of Deadbeards or Newspaper Zombie.

x3: Morning Glory: Easy starter card. Generating as much Sun as you can will make it a 3/3. A good setup card.

x3: Solar Winds: Just to generate Sun. Sunflowers can also provide protection, but it’s not recommended.

x4: 2nd-Best Taco of All Time: The “Heal 4” value for just 3 Sun is completely valuable. Be sure to save a few up if you’re in a tricky situation.

x3: Whack-a-Zombie: A good knockout card to Ramp decks, like the Strategy Deck Plundering Pirates. Using it effectively against Stompadon (the Stegosaurus) and Team Mascot stop the big baddies entering in strong.

x4: Briar Rose: Flower Plants summoned from Solar Winds or Poppin’ Poppies can be used to kill Gargs. This is the main killer card. Protect it from Crazy cards with Force Field.

x2: Force Field: Immediate protection proves this Environment useful. Soul Patch becomes unstoppable.

x2: Wing-Nut: Stop the Frenzy cards fast with Wing-Nut. Replacements with Wing-Nut can be Pecanolith. 

x2: Body Gourd: Body Gourd’s value is to throw your Superpowers in as fast as possible. Use this card only if you have been bombarded by Bullseye cards and deal damage to yourself (If you could…)

x3: Doom-Shroom: Hell of a good card to wipe Beastly cards, Gargs, and other high ATK Zombies. Be careful, you may need to play a sacrifice in order to wipe out these kind of cards.

x4: Poppin’ Poppies: Now with the Lil’ Buddies doing some healing, Astro Vera now can become more powerful from the healing value from Poppin’ Poppies. Since Lil’ Buddies and Poppin’ Poppies both count as Flower Plants, Briar Rose can really pack a punch.

x2: Three-Headed Chomper: Wreck hard with this card’s ability. Protecting it with a Force Field would make it an easy kill card. Brainy class cards can easily wipe out this card, but by then… you won.

x2: Soul Patch: Your main source of protection. Block hits with that massive amount of health.

x2: Astro Vera: Wall-Knight once again becomes annoying to damage with the healing and Soul Patch. Trigger your opponent more by sending Astro Vera into the battlefield.

x1: Cornucopia: This is just a backup card. Use it only if you are about at 1-5 Health. If you want a replacement, Pecanolith can prove useful.

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