Pirate Impfinity (Budget Deck, Rare and Below Cards Used Only)

This deck is specially built for new players who intend to play F2P for the purpose of getting a grasp on the basics of the game whilst being able to improve this deck for competitive play. (Personal rating: This is good for Gold League, slight improvement needed for Diamond)


1. Please replace all 4 Imp for Swabbies, which is an Uncommon Collosal card, costs 0 and has the similar stats as Imp, with an addition of being able to combo with Pirate class cards.

2. Please replace 2 Headstone CarverWhen a Gravestone Zombie is revealed, that Zombie gets +1/+1. for Barrel of Barrels, which is an Uncommon Collosal trick, costs 1 and is able to make give a Zombie ‘Deadly’. 

Alright, so now that’s done and dusted, let’s get to the facts. This deck is built around Pirates for is main identity, Imps as sub-identity. 

Important cards:

1. Swashbuckler ZombieGravestone When a Pirate hurts the Plant Hero, that Pirate gets +1/+1. This is the card that will generate the aggression you need for a quick win. Suggested position for this card is at the 3rd or 4th lane so that it can buff other Pirates before its eventual death.

2. Imp CommanderWhen an Imp hurts the Plant Hero, draw a card. Personally, I rate this card higher than Swashbuckler ZombieGravestone When a Pirate hurts the Plant Hero, that Pirate gets +1/+1.. This is the heartbeat of your deck, your chances of winning heavily depends on whether you can generate extra cards out of it. As this is an Aggro deck, you will very soon run out of cards, and failure to exert continuous pressure is often fatal. 

3. Its stats are rubbish, but the way you generate tempo out of it is highly important. Being a free card and being able to play in both Pirate and Imp combos, it can get buffed by Swashbuckler Zombie and gradually become a real threat or generate extra cards through Imp Commander. Best way to play this out is to play it out when you have either a Swashbuckler Zombie or Imp Commander on board.

The Mulligan:

Actually… I don’t really know what counts as a good mulligan or bad, as I have very little data on this deck, but aim to have the Swashbuckler Zombie in hand. Bonus if you have Mini-Ninja to test your opponent’s defense. 

Additionaly, I have tried this deck against AI and online players. Against the AI, Imp Commander proved MVP as it generated the extra push needed when me and my opponent were both low on cards.

Against online players, I have 3 Casual games and 1 Ranked game. In the Casual games, in which I met a Gold League player and 2 Wood League players, the wins were rather easy. The first 3 turns were equally met but the win came easily enough as the Fishy ImpAmphibious exploited their Amphibious lane weaknesses.

I was actually rather reluctant to play a Ranked game, as I was a Rank 50 and didn’t want to risk shaming myself to a quick defeat, but luckily I was paired against a Rank 30 player. I wasn’t rather sure about how it was gonna end up but staying true to the deck’s identity, I played out every Zombie I had, scored anti-hero damage via Stealthy ImpGravestone, Anti-Hero 4 and won on Turn 6 (tbh, I was shocked to win)

If you wanna go bigger and have the Sparks, these are suggestions I can give

Suggested Replacements:

1. All Fishy ImpAmphibious for Toxic Waste ImpAmphibious All Imps are Deadly..

Equal in cost, the Toxic Waste Imp carries a very powerful clear board trait that can help you trade the weakest of Imps for any Plant out there.

2. All Mini-NinjaAnti-Hero 3 and 2 more cards for Quick Draw Con Man.

This card is a hack, considering it’s Bullseye ability, strong stats for the ridiculously low cost. Playing this out on turn 1 is almost sure to guarantee you a win, provided you can ride the tempo. Teaming this up with Swashbuckler ZombieGravestone When a Pirate hurts the Plant Hero, that Pirate gets +1/+1., it will grow +1/+1 every turn as it deals damage directly to the Plant Hero via its ability.

3. Exploding ImpGravestone End of Turn: This does 1 damage to itself. for Disco-NautZombies with 3 Attack or less have Bullseye..

Converting all your damage to Bullseye is just plain OP. This forces your opponent to deal with your every threat whilst not being able to get help from the Plant Superpowers. The only down side is that this card has no combo value.

Please leave a comment and upvote this if you liked it, and if you have suggestion for improvements, comment it! My username in game is Hxess, do feel free to add me and challenge me if you feel lucky :-P. 

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