Pea Power (replacements in desc.)

So, while I doing campaing, I noticed, some AI’s using pea decks. Sometimes they actually could win me (or im just noob, idk)

And I made this deck (looks like im hobo, isn’t it?) but it’s really good

Of course, you can replace cards with more powerful ones (like, you could add 1 more clique peas)

And 1 note, this is for newbie’s. Yes, this deck contains events and legendary. But you can replace these with:

Bonk Choy as Clique Pea’s

Black-Eyed Pea as Snow Pea’s/ Card’s who can grow someone, or itself (example : Grow Shroom, Vegetation Mutation…..)

Lily Of the Valley as Vegetation Mutation

Brainana as Torchwood/ Card’s who can help for pea’s  (Shellery, Sweet Potato……)

How to Play? You need to wait until Podfather + any pea combo.But you can play Clique Peas and Pea Pod’s on 1st turn of course. Also, you sometimes need to play aggro. Weakness – it can easily lose against Aggro/Rush decks (and Rustbolt’s control)

Also, you can add some freeze stuff for defending pea’s, if you want

If you losed some pea’s – No Problemo. You can add Flourish or some control and do combo again

That’s all, if you have problems with this deck……….then I wasted your time , sorry 🙁

but anyway good luck in matches and life 🙂


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