OTK Zomblob!

Disconaut = Mystery Egg

Final Mission = Quick Draw Conman

Electrician = Zomblob

Gadget Scientist = Mime Garg

Hail a Copter = Bad Moon Rising

Now since that’s all out of the way, here’s a new Set 3 Deck for Professor Brainstorm!  He has two synergies that are usually exclusive to him, and they both work quite well in this deck.  The first is between Quick draw conman and Regifting Zombie.  Quick draw conman allows you to do one damage to the plant hero (bullseye damage!) for every time the plant hero draws a card.  And because conman is so hard to take out on turn 1 (granted with haunted pumpking out it’ll be a little easier), you can definitely get a good combo with Conman and regifting zombie, as regifter will draw 2 cards for the plant hero.  The thing about regifting zombie was that it was very bad in the meta when the pre-nerfed clique peas were around, as regifting zombie could end up drawing them.  But now, regifting zombie has got some of his swag back, and he got a cool new synergy that I just mentioned.

The 2nd synergy is between mystery egg and medula nebula.  The egg transforming allows you to get extra brains from nebula, which could lead to an early bad moon rising (or mime garg… or binary stars).  This kind of synergy was seen in set 2 with IDZ, but I don’t have any copies of that card.  If you have those and you want to put them in your deck to make it a full fledged ramp deck, go right ahead.

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2 thoughts on “OTK Zomblob!

  1. Red
    October 11, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I wanted to make similar deck for Super Brainz, but figured out that “Quick Draw Conman” isn’t brainy =( But how you going to deal with heavy amphibious? Race to BMR?

    • TheFabulousOne227
      October 12, 2017 at 1:14 am

      That’s a good point. I wanted to put in a few rockets, but I didn’t have enough room. I like chickening in this deck as you can ramp to it through medula, and double the damage with binary in some cases. Besides, I feel like a lot of the plant meta has smaller amphibious plants (admiral navy bean in particular) which can be taken out by chickening. And I crafted 3 of my 4 quick draw conmans, it’s an amazing card 🙂


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