OTK Zomblob Deck

Escape Through Time = Healthy Treat 

Kite Flyer = Zomblob 

Hail-a-Copter = Bad Moon Rising 

Rustbolt creates an extremely speedy and efficient ramp to Zomblob, with cheap cards that give out extra brains when pulling out the correct combos. Brain Vendor in Medulla Nebula gives out a total of six brains, which is almost enough to give oit a BMR!  

Mulligan 1 (Offensive): 

Brain Vendor 

Medulla Nebula 


Lurch for Lunch/Going Viral 

The main combo you’re basically trying to pull off here. As I said before, Brain Vendor + Medulla Nebula = 6 brains, place Zomblob in there for 0 brains and then use Lurch for Lunch/Going Viral if your opponent attempts to block with a plant. If you can, try going viral and then lurch for lunch to get extra damage to the hero early on.  


Mulligan 2 (Strategic): 

Teleportation Zombie 

Leprechaun Imp 

Regifting Zombie 

Medulla Nebula  

The point of this mulligan is a more defensive approach if you’re ok with going into the long game (just make sure that you don’t end up drawing your entire deck!). Place Leprechaun Imp first and then Regifting Zombie for an increased chance of drawing Pot of Gold (which will hopefully draw some of the cards in Mulligan 1). Teleportation Zombie will let you play zombies without wasting Teleports and also let you play cards like Zomblob for a nasty surprise or a Regifting Zombie so your enemy can’t take advantage of the extra card draw. 


Kite Flyer for Leprechaun Imp

Terrify for Going Viral 

Wormhole Gatekeeper for Regifting Zombie 

Electrician & Black Hole for Teleportation Zombie & Teleport

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3 thoughts on “OTK Zomblob Deck

  1. TogreaSan
    November 10, 2017 at 12:55 am

    Great deck(blob needs to be nerfed), but I don’t think Going Viral is necessary since you’re already going for OTK with blob. Maybe add more ETT?

  2. DojokittyzYT
    November 4, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Good set 3 deck!!!!


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