OTK with Imp/Gravestone Control

The main win condition is Line Dancing Zombie combined with Maniacal Laugh to deal 16 damage to face, or the full 20 along with Galvanize or Loud Mouth. It will require an enemy plant on board for you to kill with LDZ to trigger Frenzy and hit face twice via Strike-Through. The fact that she changes lanes upon reveal can help you hit the target you need. Hot Dog Imp could also be used in a pinch, but its lack of Gravestone makes it more vulnerable to removal.

This is a combo/control deck that constantly removes threats on the board with Backyard Bounces and Mixed-Up Gravedigger recycling Pogo Bouncer. With the OTK being a 9+ brains combo, you’ll need to stall the game until then.¬† Brain Freeze’s super powers work decently with the deck since 3/4 can stall and the 4th makes it a true OTK.

Using a minimal Imps package is useful for additional removal with Toxic Waste Imp, drawing to find the combo with Imp Commander, and Loud Mouth for buffing which is much better synergy with Mixed-Up Gravedigger than Vitamin Z would be.

This deck is a hard counter against other control decks like freeze since you can just not play any zombies for them to target until you can kill with the OTK or keep them hidden via consecutive MUGD turns. Mega Grow decks just get constantly bounced before getting to grow out of hand. The only trouble you run into is overly aggressive decks, but almost all your minions will have 3 attack to kill Pineclones. Fire Rooster & Nibble is a good counter against beans or Shroom for Two. Line Dancing Zombie is a good removal tool as well if you can spare one, especially with Frozen Tundra to keep it alive. In which case, you can Maniacal Laugh it for the win much earlier.

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3 thoughts on “OTK with Imp/Gravestone Control

  1. Bombtwo
    March 24, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Not sure why so many MuGs, also would you recommend 4x Manical Laughter? Since that is the real combo here with Line Dancer.

  2. Th3Dude23
    March 20, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    Thanks for this cool idea pal! One Question though, what is the use of the 4 gravediggers? I can not really see the use of it, except for re-triggering the pogo-bouncer and loudmouth. Which is cool but not so gamechanging that you need 4 of them. Or did I miss something?
    Instead I miss some early game, which is why I replaced 2 gravediggers with 2 hot dog imps.

  3. ZombotProSkillitronic
    March 19, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Late Game is very dangerous- specified as 9, you are taking great risk against powerful combinations, maybe adding a couple of powerful cards would help protect yourself.


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