OTK Valkyrie (Kinda Budget, Not Really)

This is my variation of the popular Valkyrie OTK deck.  I currently have 3 teleports and 3 valks, but I’m working on crafting those 2 to get myself all 40 cards.

So that’s why I said this deck is kinda budget, but not really.  There is 8 super-rares, but you should have everything else.  I’m not running any chimney sweeps, because you usually put that in the heights, which would give it two health.  I think it’s good that all the minions in this deck have 1 health (except for unlife of the party, when you play other minions).  But that gets your opponent to play around that.  Tennis Champs and Clock Zombies are the same way, 4 damage = opponent wants to kill it.  And of course every time one of your zombies gets killed, your valk gets charged.  Now if you don’t get a Valk right away, you probably will get Fun-Dead raiser.  This allows you to draw two cards on turn 3.  I don’t have any regifting zombies, but let me explain why I think this card is actually better.  1.) Regifting is a 3-2 minion.  Remember that the 1 health minions are what fits the bill here.  2.) Fun-Dead doesn’t draw cards for your opponent.  Sure, fun-dead costs 1 brain more, but it’s still a good security blanket to make sure you get that valk.  Now you probably know how the main strategy works here, but in case you don’t, you want to get your valk to 20 attack, use the teleport card to get her in the trick round, and lurch for lunch (bonus attack) for the win.

And that is my variation of the OTK Valk Budgetish Deck.

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