OTK Gargantuar, Ult League (In-Depth Guide)


Update: If the Deck gets 4+ rating, i will make an In-Depth Guide version


The deck is a late game ambush-it could even be faster with the flag zombies and gargologist, using either the Hero Health combo or just boosting your gargantuars with flag zombies and gargologists.

Take over the early game with the tricks and place a flag zombie to cheapen the barrel of deadbeards together the firework zombie, if you are against an aggro user (especially pineclone) this and the chickening will finish off. Try leaving a rolling stone for stupid cupid if your opponent has a very powered up card

The mid-game will have surviving deadbeards or firework zombies, they can take down a few plants and waste your opponents cards, during these turns also wipe out nuts with weed spray and start placing the cheapeners, against high hitters such like, use Imp throwing garg,  if you are in ay such doubt against trick using decks like aggros and nuts then place Defensive End. 

If you have not accomplished this and you are losing, place the undying pharaoh and heal up with medics, not only will you recover but also make your wannabe hero very hearty, add brute strength to defeat your opponent with frenzy.

If you did manage to pull off the gargologists then guarantee  win with the garg feast. if you opponent is in 5- health then use a Rodeo garg on heights, move the plant and get the winnig hit.


As I have promised to, here is the in-depth guide. 


Each and every deck consists of combos, yet I have edited this deck to perfection in order to achieve at least one combo (late-game) in the game, these are generally health based combos and must be used accurately and effectlively.

The early game combo consists of tricks and an expensive mix, you will need the following cards in order to achieve complete control, also do not forget the tricks in this list is not necessary:

  • 2-3 Barrel Of Deadbeards
  • 2-3 Firework Zombies
  • 1 Flag Zombie ( 2 if you have a perfect start)
  • 1-3 Bungee Plumber
  • 1-3 Rolling Stones
  • Stupid Cupid
  • 1-2 Chickening

Do not think how would you afford all of these cards (as in drawing them), you mostly need the zombies, the tricks r protection and extras, you will have the tricks and probably may draw them as their odds are more often to come up due to their number. If you are new to the Deadbeard Firework combo, it works like this: You place a deadbeard barrel, if your opponent isn’t gullible enough to ignite it theirself’s then the next turn ignite with a firework zombie, your Deadbeard does not suffer damage in any way during this, you will do a total of 2 damage to all of the plants on the field and have a 4/3 Deadbeard and 3/2 Firework zombie, this will make your opponent waste slightly powerful removal plants and give you a chance to start drawing cards while they are distracted with the other two, always make sure that it is perfectly safe to place your Gargologists and Flag Zombies. 

The mid-game is quite safe and most likely secure too. This isn’t exactly a combo but is effective. You will need the following cards in order to stay secure and block hits. You will need the following cards:

  • 1-2 Defensive End
  • 2 IT Gargantuar
  • 1 Firework Zombie
  • Stupid Cupid
  • 1 Rolling Stone
  • Cheapeners (Gargologist & Flag Zombies)

Gargologists and Flag zombies are very important, this part of the deck is to maintain a wall of distractions and stop tricks such like- Squash, Lawn Mower and Cherry Bomb- and perhaps berry blast. Start of with a IT Garg on heights (do not do this if your opponent is using a pea deck), It will stay alive with a veru high chance, your opponent will place something to block it and will spawn a swabbie, please do note that if your opponent hasn’t taken the advantage in anyway and taken over the lanes then using the firework zombie to fill in lanes is not necessary. Place a Defensive End if your opponent is a trick user, Kabloom or Solar Hero. if your opponent has builded up a powerful plant finish it off with a Stupid Cupid and use a Rolling Stone to take it out. If you have succeeded to defend yourself (which you most likely will) and distract your opponent, place gargologists if you have pulled a Garg Feast and Flag Zombies and Gargologists if you are going the other way- I will explain in the next combo.

The Late-Game is where you gain the control fully, you will achieve at leats one of these and both of them are completely deadly (not as in the type). Firstly, if you have managed to build up the gargologists due to the fact that you have pulled a Garg Feast then you MUST use it only when three lanes are avaible. There is only one amphibious garg which is the Deep-Sea gargantuar but that is, note that (this is just a reminder/fact) the strong Garg Trio you can get is a Zombot 1000, Smashing -Garg and Wizard Garg, which obviously wins you the game. For the combo, you will need the combo (and a ready set of flag zombies with gargologists):

  • 1-2 Wannabe Heroes
  • As much Medics as you can ( If your hero is not at max health)
  • Undying Pharaoh (If your hero is not at max health)
  • Brute Strength ( To power up wannabe heroes)
  • Rock Wall (To make Undying Pharaoh undefeatabel, If your hero is not at max health)

All you really have to do is actually place the many and powerful Wannabe Heroes, 2 not only health regenerating  cards but also power up cards if you weren’t able to protect you hero or were just against strikethrough decks.


Hero Tips

Guardian Heroes:

This hero type, and Kabloom heroes are the types of heroes that will probably only be the heroes  that even have a chance to win, Striketrough decks and Cornucopia decks are completely immobile against this deck most of the time, guardian heroes have alot of nuts to block, luckily this deck doesn’t consist of the gravestone synergy which makes it less vulnerable against these heroes, Wall-Nut Bowling is a rare card for people to use, as it’s usage is difficult. Gargantuars are the atmost strongest NBK (natural born killer) for nuts, excluding deadly cards. Your opponent may use Soul Patch, which probably will survive at least save the plant hero and stop Wannabe Hero for 1 round, if you have 3 lanes empty and Garg Feast then test your lick for a zombot 1000 to take it out.

Mega-Grow Heroes:

These heroes are mostly going to fail to defend their power-up cards, what might be a serious threat is a Potted Powerhouse, i’d advise you to not use your Stupid Cupid/Rolling Stone if you are against a these heroes so the PPhouse won’t ruin your Gargantuar combos.

Smarty Heroes:

On high ranks, smarty heroes, excluding Night Cap, will be using Frost decks, do not let them build up and use Stupid Cupid combo as well to take it down Snow-Drops, i do not believe that anyone really uses winter-melon as it is too expensive and mostly worthless and weak.

Solar Heroes:

Solars heroes will use Cornucopia decks or a Nut deck (Wall-Knight), Or Strikethrough decks, please do note that you will need to take more time in your actions and moves that do not end up your oppoent  placing something powerful, if your opponent puts up a Cornucopia, The gargs which are already there will keep it up for a round (if it was lucky and spawned powerful plants), the next round or so you will have, (if you didn;t have cheapeners) a Garg Feast and finish off, not only the plants but also the hero.

Kabloom Heroes:

The reason this hero type is a threat is due the aggro decks, yet the deck will actually take things like Mushroom decks and Pineclone decks but berry decks may be a threat with a Strong Berry, so target any Sgt Strongberries if played.


Thank You All For the Support and Good Luck,

If you have any questions about replacements or extras please do comment.

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6 thoughts on “OTK Gargantuar, Ult League (In-Depth Guide)

  1. Johannes12db
    April 21, 2017 at 9:16 am

    any replacement for cupid and pharaoh?

    • Finale
      May 10, 2017 at 6:19 pm

      Rodeos or Wannabes.

  2. Nautilus
    March 21, 2017 at 2:03 am

    you dont have any 1 card counter for plants with 3+ health or 3+ attack. the only card that can neutralize a big plant for 1 turn is Stupid cupid and you only have 1 in the deck. i dont see this build being viable in Ultimate.

    • ZombotProSkillitronic
      March 21, 2017 at 3:34 am

      I have been playing this deck for ages on Ult, I do see your concern, but it is not that Simple as you think 🙂

  3. ZombotProSkillitronic
    March 20, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Thank you for all the support! I’am creating the in-depth guide!

  4. ZombotProSkillitronic
    March 19, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    The reason I haven’t made an In-depth guide is because it takes alot of time and if no one checks the deck it would be a waste. This deck is my main and is what i have been using from rank 40-60+


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