No Pain No Gain (Splash Deck)


The basic strategy of this deck is to control your opponent all throughout the game and successfully activate your self-hurting combos. You use your galacta-cactus and other self hurting cards such as the Hot Lava made from Lava Guava and Fireweed to trigger the effects of Prickly Pear, Pear Cub and Hibernating Berry, ultimately building up an unstoppable board to steamroll your opponent.


Galacta-cactus- an amazing card for control and your combos. By itself it is a 1-cost 2/2 bullseye so you can use it early to do damage or counter your opponent’s cards. Its effect of doing one damage to everything is crucial to our self-hurting combos.

Photosynthesizer- you use this card to allow your plants to survive with a bonus of a free conjure. This card is great to get ahead on the board and protect your plants. 

Fireweed- another important card in this deck. Not only is it great for control, with amazing stats but it also spawns a hot lava environment on the ground which can trigger the self-hurting combos in this deck. It can also counter cards like team mascot or con-man for only 2 sun.

Gardening Gloves- a card you don’t usually see but can be viable in this deck. Use this card to allow your plants to survive or counter zombies played in an empty lane. You can use this card in conjunction with hibernating berry or pear cub to make sure they get hurt by moving them to a lane with a zombie in it. You can also move your pear cub or other plants out of the hot lava environment to prevent them from continually getting hurt and dying. You can also move your teamups or your grapes of wrath so it dies.

Wall-nut- great card to protect your strong plants and get ahead on the board.

Spikeweed Sector- a great control card and an environment that can give you a lot of value and destroy your opponent’s zombies

Pear Cub- this a key card you want to hurt with your self-hurting combos. Pear Cub is amazing as it become a 5/4 minion in the water lane. It can also take out a zombie with its one damage before turning into the beastly grizzly pear. Protect your Pear with photosynthesizer, spikeweed sector, and gardening gloves. 

Hibernating Berry- this is the other card you want to hurt so it can continually get stronger and stronger. With 8 health, it will be really difficult for your opponent to destroy this card. You can protect this behind prickly pear or wall nut in hot lava so it gains 4 attack every turn and is also protected from damage from zombies. 

Shamrocket- use this card to destroy your opponent’s strong zombies and keep your plants alive

Guacadile- amazing control card that can deal up to 8 damage to any lane you want and destroy your opponent’s strong zombies like shamrocket

Prickly Pear- a card almost never used put it can be great in this deck as you can self-hurt it to do 4 damage to zombies in a lane. You use this to protect your strong plants and destroy their strong zombies.

Lava Guava- great splash card for control and similar to fireweed in spawning hot lava environment.

Grapes of Wrath- great finisher to end the game doing 6 damage if they ignore it and hurting the zombie hero if they kill it.

Wall-nut Bowling- the second finisher for this deck. It ends the game and also spawns wall-nut if you still have hibernating berry or grapes of wrath alive to protect them.


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2 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain (Splash Deck)

  1. Wolfang888
    January 6, 2018 at 1:31 am

    Still modifying this deck. Any suggestions are welcome

    • Joe
      March 24, 2018 at 2:25 am

      Wouldn’t you want to add the lava card
      Like 3/3 not on heights make hot lava?


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