New and Improved Gravestone

So I made this deck a long time ago for set 2, but with the addition of the Trapper Zombie this week for weekly events, I figured it would be a good idea to share my pretty basic, yet extremely useful, Neptuna Gravestone deck. 

A normal mulligan with this deck would be either a headstone carver or rolling stone, a sumo or swachbuckler, frosty mustache or weed spray, and really whatever. You want to draw a Mixed-up Gravedigger (MuG) later in the game, but having him in your starting hand isn’t a bad idea. 


Now, a brief explanation as to what each card is for. 

Escape through Time is really to protect one of your stronger minions late game after a going viral, or to protect a valuable gravestone zombie that you want to replay with MuG

Graveyard is a 1 cost environment, and the only one in the game. Never underestimate its power. Not only can you use this to cover opponents environments without needing to save a large amount of brains, but it also helps boost your Gravestone Zombies, allowing for a 3/3 Sumo or a 3/2 swashbuckler.

Headstone Carver is a staple in gravestone decks, as he gives all gravestone Zombies +1/+1. Pair this with sumo for a 3/4 or swashbuckler 3/3 (4/4 if the opponent doesn’t protect and you land the hit) turn 2. 

Rolling stone is to counter any smaller plays like Blooming Heart or Sunflower. Can get overshadowed by Weed spray in the mid game, but has its uses.

Frosty mustache serves a similar purpose to Escape Through Time, however this one does not protect against Double Strike minions, as they will still do their bonus attack. 

Ice Pirate is great if you can get graveyard turn 1, as it allows you to have a 4/1 that freezes a plant. Other than that, use it later after a trapper zombie.

Sumo is a very useful card, having decent stats for a 2 drop as well as being able to move a plant to either protect another zombie or destroy a useful plant (admiral navy bean comes to mind).

Swashbuckler is not here for its synergy, but instead for its ability to grow itself each time it hits the plant hero. Combine this with Going Viral or sumo and you’ve got a minion growing out of control.

Going Viral is basically the win condition of this deck, as it can create a bunch of powerful frenzy minions that can destroy the plant forces. Using this after MuG leads to the best results. Beware, MuG resets all Zombies stats, so don’t use this card and then use MuG. This also draws a card, but adds 3 more Going Virals to your deck. Be careful not to use this too early.

Trash Can Zombie is a sumo with protection but not being able to move a plant. This is a good counter for plants like Venus Flytrap, as it won’t do damage and heal the plant hero. This can also protect against double strike minions. 

Weed Spray is your counter to Pineclone decks. When you see them setting up, weed spray their field out of existence. Also useful if your minions on the field can’t handle the onslaught of wall-nuts and water chestnuts. 

Pogo is one of the most useful cards in this deck. He’s a pretty weak zombie, but he can bounce any dangerous plant, such as an overbuffed bullseye plant or anything dangerous in the water lane. Combined with MuG and your opponent may as well just concede.

Trapper Zombie is the newest addition to this deck, and he’s starting off strong. His stats are a little below average, but his ability to make an environment that damages plants makes him extremely useful. 

Mixed-Up Gravedigger is potentially your second win condition. Being able to turn the whole field of zombies into a cemetery is dangerous for your opponent. You protect your minions from all attacks except Grave Buster and Cool Bean, but your opponent will have to guess with Gravebuster. Spyris could be dangerous, but bouncing it or moving it to be destroyed earlier in the game could counter that. 

Screen door Zombie serves a similar to purpose to Trash Can, and the only difference is that he is slightly stronger. 

Surprise gargantuar is just what his name entails, a surprise. Play him and watch your opponent hit themselves as he moves to an open lane. Or, use him to attack a powerful minion from the turn before and leave a weaker one in his wake. 


I sure hope this deck helps. I’ve had tremendous success with this, and really haven’t encountered any issues. Any suggestions on how to improve this are greatly appreciated. Also, if you’d like to add/fight me in Heroes, username is AshleighBerry

  • ~Ashleigh

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