Mosstlily Wins or Bananas

This one is a fast tempo/aggro deck that usually wins by turn 6-7, and has a high winrate in the Ultimate league.


You should go for a Lily and a Shroom for two. A blooming heart is also very beneficial for a turn 1 play. If you have 2 Lilies, keep them.

How to play

Prioritize going for face, mostly even by ignoring low (<3-4) damage dealers for face damage, keep your supers for your finishers, unless there is a huge opening.

Turn 1:

  • Ideally you would play a Blooming Heart on turn one. 

Turn 2:

  • Lily – if you have 2 Lillies OR if your opponent has spent his brains / cannot remove Lily.
  • Wild Berry – if you don’t have a Lily or suspect removal.
  • Berry Blast – if you need to remove an obvious threat and have no better play (Lily)

Turn 3:

  • Lily + Shroom for two
  • If you have a Lily from the previous turn and no shroom for two, then play a Grow-Shroom on the heights and grow Lily, if no Grow-Shroom either, then play and buff anything on heights
  • If you have no Lily, try to play a threat (Wild Berry/Blooming Heart), but try to keep the heights  lane empty for future plays with Lily

Turn 4:

  • If they faced your buffed plant with a non-gravestone zombie, remove it with a plant food play
  • If you cannot remove it / have a gravestone facing it, then play a Bananasaurus Rex
  • If they cannot remove it this turn, play a Re-peat Moss

Advice for later turns:

  • Plucky Clover draws you a card and buffs the Banasaurus 
  • Use Party Thyme to draw cards with Bananasaurus/Plant food/Moss/super
  • Always have more threats than they can remove, spread your threats accross the board.
  • Focus on bonus attacks and going for face damage
  • Keep your supers for finishers

Win conditions:

  • anything grown by Lily
  • Banasaurus Rex
  • Repeat Moss

… and usually a bonus attack (either plant food or super), while also using your other supers previously (Embiggen, Blazing Bark) to deliver a massive killing blow.

PS: Don’t forget Berry Blast if you need <=3 damage for the win;)

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