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My Gameplay using this deck!

FryEmUp’s Gameplay using this deck!


The term mill means a number of things for example it is used in Hearthstone to describe “The Rapid drawing of cards from a player’s deck”. A deck that I wanted to build was a deck that abused the mechanism for which your opponent gets milled and is left without being able to block. If you don’t know, in this game when you or your opponent has 10 cards in their hand there is not allowed to be a block (Super Power draw from building up your shield). This is because when you block you are basically drawing a card and since you’re not allowed to have more than 10 cards in your hand (There are some instances where this is possible, I’ll explain later) the shield continues to build up until you discard a card and free up space. Although that was the original concept of this deck I realized that it completely stopped my opponent from making it onto the board in many cases. I first saw this strategy being used against me when Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. was released the player combined it with Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. and made me overdraw. I came back to this deck to figure out the ideal way this “milling” strategy would work in PvZ Heroes.

Update: 3/6/2017

One weakness this deck had that everyone told me about constantly (yes I know) is mushrooms. At first I thought Line Dancing would be enough to stop the fury of mushrooms but it turned out to be too slow if you solely rely on it. I removed Headstone Carver and replaced them with Fire Roosters in order to whether the storm on mushrooms and it has worked fairly nicely for me when I vs Kabloom based heroes. Headstone Carver isn’t really that useful I realized and caused us to have two strategies but now the deck is more focused and consistent and when we draw Headstone CarverWhen a Gravestone Zombie is revealed, that Zombie gets +1/+1. late game its not so useful at all. Fire Rooster is more flexible in that regard.

Update: 3/27/2017

After the release of Leprechaun Imp I was hesitant to put him into the deck in fear of over drawing however something that would happen from time to time while using this deck would be that I would run out of resources. Now with Leprechaun imp in the deck the chances of us drawing a pot of gold in combination with re gifting zombie is drastically increased and running out of resources is very uncommon now. I replaced 4x Swashbuckler with the imp and now with headstone carver and swash buckler gone this is not a gravestone deck anymore but a true drawing deck. If you do not have leprechaun imp you can place the swash bucklers back in.

Update 5/8/2017

I sent this deck to a Plants vz Zombies streamer FryEmUp and he replaced the bonus attacks with Plank Walker’s and the deck worked really well with them as a second win condition. I’ve only replaced one lurch for a Plank Walker.


Intro: Taking a look at the deck there are 14 cards that draw our opponent a card. These include, Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards., Backyard BounceBounce a Plant., Pogo Bouncer, and Zombot Stomp. These can also be combo’d with Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. as another mechanism to make your opponent overdraw. The point of this deck is mostly to deny your opponent of their turn and in some instances to make them draw 10 cards and be unable to block.

*Note: When your opponent has drawn over 10 cards the graphic for their hand will switch to only one card. For example below on the 3rd image you can see my opponent’s animation for drawing his 11th card causing his hand to cluster up and shrink to what appears to be one card. Keep note of this.



This deck isn’t the easiest deck you’ll ever play but with a lot more practice you can make even the worthiest opponent lose their cool.
 Where this deck shines is when you take board control and continue to bounce all of your opponent’s threats on the board. An important card in the deck is Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. because he allows us to really use our deck to it’s full potential. Creating more card draw for our opponent by sticking back Pogo BouncerGravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant. back in a grave along with Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards.. Throughout the match something that I do and want to encourage you to do is counting how many cards are in your opponent’s hand. There is no indication for this in the game and so we must do so manually.

*The Mulligan

Since Super Brainz has no board clear the closest thing he has to that is Line Dancing ZombieGravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie.Fire RoosterThis moves to a random lane when a Plant is played here. When this enters a lane: Do 1 damage to all Plants there. and Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground.. Against all Kabloom heroes we want to mulligan for Fire Rooster & Line Dancer. Her ability to clear up mushrooms is unmatched and can really halt our opponent’s mushroom strats. Besides that we truly want Leprechaun ImpWhen played: Shuffle two Pots of Gold (1 Brain, Draw three cards.) into your deck., Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards., and either Pogo BouncerGravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant. or some sort of linking card that leads to our mid game. I tend to always shuffle Mixed-up Gravedigger if my opponent is able to play a more aggressive deck. However if I’m going up against a slower paced charachter like Rose for example I can keep Pogo along with Mixed up Grave digger for the mid game. We especially want Pogo BouncerGravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant. if the rest of our hand is crisp.

Important Cards*

*TeleportYou may play a Zombie when it's time for Tricks this turn. Draw a card.– TeleportYou may play a Zombie when it's time for Tricks this turn. Draw a card. is very good in this deck and it allows us to do some pretty interesting things when messing with our opponent’s hand. For example we can teleport in Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. and make our opponent draw 2 cards to draw 10 and fight with what would have been a blocked shield into a super power draw but instead is free damage for us. Teleporting in Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. at the end of turn 4 when you have Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. in your hand is almost a guaranteed draw 5 cards for your opponent and if they’re a control deck then they’re in trouble because our zombies will be back in a Gravestone. Also Teleporting in Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. is a very powerful option if our opponent left up either Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn., Pogo BouncerGravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant., or Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards.. This will protect our high priority zombies and give us a chance to make our opponent over draw again or kick them off the board.

*Backyard BounceBounce a Plant.– This card is important for not only putting back any plant your opponent has played on the field but to bounce any buffed up or dangerous plants that our opponent has played. This deck doesn’t use Rocket ScienceDestroy a Plant that has 4 Strength or more. because the main goal is to take board control through bouncing. Backyard BounceBounce a Plant. is more flexible because we can bounce anything whereas Rocket ScienceDestroy a Plant that has 4 Strength or more. is just taking care of plants with 4 or more attack.

*Pogo BouncerGravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant.– Probably the most staple card in the deck and when combo’d with Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. it becomes an essential asset to have. Having this card creates more bounce opportunities for us along with a 2,2 Zombie for board presence. He’s also good at creating lethal later in the match.

*Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly.– This card is our combo card and although yes it could be used by itself it is better with any of the “When Played” zombies in the deck. As a matter of fact you should always try to combo this with something with an ability for example like Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn. For  example below I play Mixed up Gravedigger and I will get 3 Brains back during the trick phase from Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn. to be able to play Backyard BounceBounce a Plant. and continue to pressure my opponent while he also draws 2 cards.

*Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground.– After the buff that Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. received prior to the Global release of this game (It used to bounce ALL plants AND Zombies on the ground) it became useful again but I wasn’t sure what deck it would ever go in. Now I realize that it would be a great finisher in this type of deck. Let’s say by turn 7 your opponent has a somewhat big field and you got some match-ups that are about to happen or you need to supress damage, with Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. our opponent can draw up to 6 cards if they’re field was completely filled by team up plants! Below after I use Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. my opponent will have 13 cards in their hand! This is only possible when you bounce cards back into their hand because they will stop drawing cards until they have less than 10 cards in hand. Even when we play a Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. our opponent will not draw any cards only we will (assuming we have not exceeded 9 cards).

Other Somewhat Important Cards*

*Leprechaun ImpWhen played: Shuffle two Pots of Gold (1 Brain, Draw three cards.) into your deck. Not only is it a good one drop, (Super Brainz lacks this) but he can be a great asset in this deck with all the drawing that is capable with teleport and Regifting Zombie combined with Mixed up Grave Digger. The Pots of Gold that we can draw from this deck can be very useful in tough spots and can be used for free basically with the brain vendor Mixed up grave digger combo.

*Line Dancing ZombieGravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie. Since Super Brainz has no Weed SprayDestroy each Plant with 2 Strength or less. or Chickening one of the best answers he has to team-ups is Line Dancing ZombieGravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie.Line Dancing ZombieGravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie. can clear up mushrooms extremely well especially a Shroom for TwoMake a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here. that was combo’d with Buff-ShroomWhen played: All Mushrooms get +1/+1. or PinecloneWhen played: Transform all Plants into 3/3 Pineclones. perhaps maybe even a Black-Eyed PeaThis gets +1/+1 when a Zombie Trick is played. that was placed behind a TorchwoodTeam-Up - Peas behind this get +2 Attack.. She can be used aggressively and defensively and that’s where she shines, her flexibility in many situations. For example below Line Dancing ZombieGravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie. could have been used to clear up the Shroom for TwoMake a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here. but I noticed my opponent had 7 cards in hand and Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. (You can see part of the foot on the right side of the first image) would make him have 10 cards in hand afterwards which would make him unable to block. Line Dancing ZombieGravestone, Strikethrough When revealed: Move this Zombie. is so good late game and early game and she is so helpful when trying to come out on top with this deck.

*Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn.– Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn. opens up the door to a whole new realm of possibilities and when we get him we should try to pair him up with Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. especially if we have tricks in our hand. If we have multiple copies of Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn. in our hand then we can drop this along with another card if need be to block a lane or make a trade. This is because not many opponent’s will choose to focus Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn. a lot of people just see him as a mediocre 2,1 and will let him live while they worry about our other zombies but when he gets combo’d with Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. he turns into a better version of Gentleman ZombieGravestone Start of Zombie Tricks: You get +2 Brains this turn. which can open the door for us to use Backyard BounceBounce a Plant., Lurch , and a TeleportYou may play a Zombie when it's time for Tricks this turn. Draw a card. for card draw if need be or to teleport in something. If we’ve developed a good board and drop down Brain VendorWhen played: You get +3 Brains this turn. in the mix he will be the least of our opponent’s problems but little do they know.

*Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. He has an interesting use in this deck and that is primarily to be combo’d with Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. or TeleportYou may play a Zombie when it's time for Tricks this turn. Draw a card..  Since the deck is a gravestone deck you want to hold onto Swashbuckler ZombieGravestone When a Pirate hurts the Plant Hero, that Pirate gets +1/+1. but if he’s nowhere to be seen then this is a substitute turn 2 play. You should have no fear of overdrawing because this deck has surprisingly great defense because our opponent will not be able to make it onto the board in many circumstances during the mid-game. The synergy with Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. is for example on turn 4 you can teleport him in and play Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly.. This will cause Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. to redraw two cards for both players again and maybe make your opponent overdraw. If you look below I teleported in Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. on turn 4 and followed up with a turn 5 Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly. this caused guaranteed lethal because my opponent had 10 cards in hand.

Against Mill Super Brainz

While using this deck we should also know what plant cards are weak against it and this is usually just everything that draws our opponent a card because they will definitely not want to draw that many cards in this match-up.

FlourishDraw two cards.
MayflowerAmphibious When this hurts the Zombie Hero, Conjure a Corn, Squash, or Bean.
Party ThymeWhen a Plant does a Bonus Attack, Draw a card.
Bean CounterThis gets +1/+1 when you play another Bean. When played: Add two 1/1 Weenie Beanies to your hand.

The plants and tricks above are extremely bad against us because our opponent will want to relieve as many cards as they can from their hand against us and start to make somewhat of a push. Plant decks that drop big cards will get punished and will begin to switch their strategy through the match after realizing what type of deck we are running.

There are some cards that go 1 for 1 that aren’t as bad as the ones above but still will not help our opponent that greatly and these include

Gardening GlovesMove a Plant. Draw a card.
–Petal Morphasis
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeHeal 4. Draw a card.

I know I’ve been talking about Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. a lot but it is such a great finisher and again Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. can put back plants that are team up back in our opponent’s hand such as Shroom for TwoMake a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here. and Pear of Pears and this will put back both the team up plant that was spawned and the original card. For example below my opponent had 8 cards in hand and a Shroom for TwoMake a 1/1 Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here. on the board. His one card counts as two and this lost him the game even though he rolled a 2 because he had too many cards in hand.


*More Notable Situations


Below is an example of my opponent’s hand graphic getting glitched. Sometimes when bouncing numerous cards at once or in rapid succession this glitch will occur but although it does not look like my opponent has reached the maximum amount of cards allowed in your hand. He still technically has 10 cards in his hand. One way to work around this glitch is by eye balling how many cards can fit in-between the big card that appears in his hand.

Below is another example of how the card graphic condenses when your opponent exceeds 10 cards in hand. Using what I just told you above about the graphic card glitch it would appear that my opponent has 6 cards in hand but if you use my eye-balling strategy and add in an extra card for his larger card that would put him at 7 cards in hand. After using Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. my opponent then draws 4 cards putting him at 11 and causing his hand’s graphic to shrink down to 1 even though this occurs it is still guaranteed lethal on my end.


Below after realizing that my opponent has 8 cards in their hand I can teleport in Regifting Zombie in lane 3 for guaranteed lethal. This is just one of the many uses Regifting ZombieWhen played: Each player draws two cards. has in this deck. After looking over my screenshots again I realized that Zombot StompBounce all Plants on the Ground. was also guaranteed lethal in this situation because my opponent would draw 2 cards (The Kernel CornWhen played: Do 4 damage to each Zombie. and the Power FlowerStrikethrough Start of turn: Heal your Hero for 1 for each Flower.).


Below is an example of how great double bouncing is. Setting up a Pogo BouncerGravestone When revealed: Bounce a Plant. and saving a Backyard BounceBounce a Plant. is what saved me in this particular match and gave me guaranteed lethal. Applying that bounce pressure late game while you have somewhat of a board developed when its crunch time can really dictate how you can get in some guaranteed damage and potentially end the match right then and there.

The Verdict: I used to never touch this hero because I always though that he couldn’t hang with other top Zombie heroes but now I’ve never been more confident in using him. This deck is unique because it forces your opponent to play cards and even when they don’t necessarily want to. I really want you guys to give this deck a try because this is the most fun I’ve had with a deck since OTK Valk.


In Game Name: TryHard

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37 thoughts on “Mill Super Brainz (In-Depth Guide)

  1. Red
    October 8, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    I currently using similar deck, but with significant changes (mostly because of set 2) (1 line dancer instead of 4, 3 MuGs instead of 4, 4 cryo brains, 2 medullas, no teleports, 2 ducky tubes, 3 toxic imps, only 2 “Backyard Bounce”s, 2 Graveyards for interrupting spikeweeds, venus flytraplanets and other annoying environments). Resulting deck was a much more aggressive and funny. New weakness of this deck is Clique Peas, because of Regifters, same applies to bean decks (drawing beanstalks and new beans for admiral). Are you going to remake this deck for set 2?

  2. Redshadow
    April 28, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    First of all, thanks for this great deck! On paper, like that, I really understimate this deck, until I started to master it. So funny and powerful, the bounce mechanic shines so well. I made a little change to this list cause I don’t have Leprechaun, I use minininjas. So good! With the SB signature power is just amazing! Thanks!

  3. Darrellim
    March 23, 2017 at 3:36 am

    Tryhard, I love this deck much more than any zombie deck.

    Have u ever consider Leprechaun Imps? I believe it works well in this deck. I tried them in Ultimate League, works well!

    Maybe u can persuade Fry to use this deck for fun as we all know that he dislike Regifting Zombies. It will be fun to watch he stream this deck 😉

    My IGN Darrelim

    • TryHard
      March 27, 2017 at 11:48 pm

      Hey there,

      I actually just placed Leprechaun imp in the deck because of you and it has been performing fantastic. That was a really good suggestion. I will try to get Fry to play this deck one day.

      • Will
        May 1, 2017 at 9:40 am

        I can’t win a single game with the freeze rose deck

  4. Irr3verent1
    February 6, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    Consistently getting my butt handed to me by every type of deck. Any lull in drawing regifting zombies and/or gravedigging zombies and I get obliterated. Aggro decks annihilate me with pure impunity. I can fight off WallKnight decks but it’s 50/50 win or lose against them. Tried 50 games with this deck and won 21. Against Diamond League opponents or higher I am 0-12. I’m going to attempt to modify this deck to see if I can get a workable solution as I’m willing to accept that it might be my play style. But I am not seeing what others are raving about. I’ve said before that I like the concept so I’m going to tinker with it

  5. Jayden
    February 5, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    This deck is absolutely awful against aggro mushroom decks.

  6. Barney
    February 1, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Looks like an awesome deck to me, but can anyone suggest an alternative to the regifting zombie as I don’t have any and it’s not in the event rotation right now, and I’d really like to try this deck out.

    • TheDad
      February 3, 2017 at 8:33 pm

      no replacing it. Regifter and gravedigger are the key cards to this deck. I don’t know of a better way to fill up the Villains hand. Try Hard you are the man for this. I see u getting a different deck featured on the PvZH subreddit a few days ago. Keep doing your thing.

  7. Nasr
    January 25, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    It worked for me despite that I don’t have all the cards

  8. Skorro
    January 18, 2017 at 4:56 am

    (If anybody could help me id be so grateful! 🙂 ) Hey, sorry this isn’t necessarily about the deck but I need help and considering how hard it is to get 4000 sparks I don’t want to waste them…so would anybody help me decide between these two legendary cards I want to get? I want another trickster to start building up a trickster deck (already have one in my rustbolt deck that I love). But on the other side, cornucopia seems to be very good if you can save up and get 3+ then do a power deck. Which is the most fun to play and most useful all around? So far I have one trickster and no corn. For trickster I have brainstorm and rustbolt I can use him with and for cornucopia I have solar flare and rose. Thanks to anybody who can give me any help and pointers so I don’t waste my precious sparks

    • TryHard
      January 18, 2017 at 5:38 am

      In my opinion Cornucopia fits the description best of “Most fun to play and most useful all around.” It can dramatically swing the game in your favor and creates board presence. Trickster on the other hand is pretty good but that dream Trickster build you want is going to need more of them. So crafting a Cornucopia would be better in my opinion especially for a Control Solar Flare deck.

      • Skorro
        January 18, 2017 at 1:39 pm

        Hmm okay great thanks! Though for a follow up question to anybody who knows this, if I was going to get 3-4 of either trickster or of corn then which would you suggest? Off that my guess is corn would be best because of general usefulness but I want to build towards something so I can look forward to it and have a great deck in the future. Thanks again for that and thanks for any more help you can give me 🙂

        • Silver
          January 20, 2017 at 8:21 am

          4 tricksters is better than 4 cornucopia. Imagine you have full board and 2 cornucopia in hand

  9. NeveroddoreveN
    January 15, 2017 at 2:10 am

    This is a great deck. I knew about the card limit, having put myself there with a bananasaurus, re-peat and two party thymes. Did not know how it affected shields. It’s a cool way to mill.

    Great guide to the deck as well. Definitely going to give it a shot next time I’m on a zombie kick.

  10. MF
    January 13, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Doesn’t work for me at all.

  11. Reasonet
    January 13, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Nice concept! I don’t have all of the cards needed to try this deck, but just looking at the list, Headstone Carver seems to be the weakest card for your strategy. Is it really better than Chimney Sweep? Maybe a mix of the two would be better? Also, if 4 Headstone Carvers really is the best, then Gentleman Zombie seems to be a better choice than Brain Vendor. I know Brain Vendor is better with Mixed-up Gravedigger, but Gentleman Zombie is a bigger threat earlier in the game if it’s not removed. Maybe a mix of the two is better again? It’s always good to have flexibility if two cards are equally as good for a deck.

    • TryHard
      January 13, 2017 at 2:15 pm

      Hello Reasonet,

      Headstone Carver is pretty important because this is a Technically a Gravestone deck and the tempo you can gain with Headstone Carver is far too great to just pass up. Chimney sweep also has little to no synergy with Mixed-Up Gravedigger as he can be taken off heights. Also Gentlemen Zombie only gives us Two Brains when revealed and we’re not doing tricks every turn so there’s no need, the thing I love about Brain Vendor is that on turn 5 he’s a free card with Mixed-Up Gravedigger and gives you 3 brains to work with. Brain Vendor can be used to clog lanes if not and there isn’t any punish except board clear. I do understand what you mean about having flexibility in a deck however I disagree with the options you put on the table.

    • Darkmoods
      January 14, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      brain vendor is amazing in this deck. you obviously comment without having played the deck as is.

  12. The Polar Paladin
    January 13, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Well then… Super Brainz is back, baby!

    So… uh… would there be any tips to beating a deck that does this? I think decks like a bean deck would be tragic for someone who uses a deck like this, but are there any other ways of, say, taking advantage of the draw they get as opposed to getting clogged with a deck of cards?

    I think a pineclone deck would actually be bad against this since the individual pine clones would all cost 4 sun again…

    Regardless, any tips for countering this other monstrosity you created?

    • Nickfang7
      January 13, 2017 at 7:19 am

      I’ve played this deck and the hardest counter are mushroom decks. If you give them card draw, they are more likely to rush you down with mushrooms and punish shroom. Bouncing is too slow against shroom decks and they take you down way to fast. Even with liner dancers, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of mushroom I have to deal with.

      Another counter to this type of deck would be tempo decks. Starting from turn one when you draw no headstone carver, you have to play catch up. Or they match your tempo with stronger plants. Let say you play headstone carver on turn and they play a bonk choy. You play swashbuckler and they play a black-eyed pea. Re-gifting zombie just gives more option to them in this case.

      So there you go. Mushroom deck and tempo decks. Namely aggro flare, captain shrooms and tempo grass knuckles. Probably the best plants decks out there.

      • TryHard
        January 13, 2017 at 2:03 pm

        Well I agree Nick that’s why I believe have 4 Line dancing Zombies to whether the storm against mushrooms is so important which I remember saying you didn’t have all copies of which is fine, I understand. Now onto what you said about strong plants. Strong plants I believe are somewhat useless against an opponent who is bouncing almost every turn and with the small chance of having Cut down to Size I really don’t see that as a problem. However I do see how a tempo deck can take this deck down but a tempo deck that invests cards in buffing a plant with something like Fertilizer for example will be a step behind instead due to the large amounts of bouncing in the deck.

  13. KnightFall47
    January 12, 2017 at 4:21 am

    Love this new deck TryHard. Wish I had enough Regifting Zombies, only got 1 in hand currently. Before I plan to gather the other cards for this deck, I wanna ask a few questions. First: if your opponent has 9 cards in hand, 6 cards on the Ground lanes, and Zombot Stomp Bounces them back to give 15 total, when will that opponent be able to block attacks with their Shield? Do they have to get rid of the extra 6? Hard to fully understand Super-Block mechanics fully… And second? What build-around will this Gravestone Mill suffer from the most? I always want to be able to counter any weaknesses to the best of my abilities… Hope u can answer these soon! 🙂

    • Darkmoods
      January 12, 2017 at 5:56 pm

      they will not be able to block until they are down to 9 cards.

      • BF10pvzwiki
        January 14, 2017 at 5:33 pm

        That is correct, as stated above if the player holds more than 10 cards it will meld into 1 and cannot block until they have 9 cards. This is easily seen in the Mission 40 Professor Brainstorm boss if you bounce cards.

  14. darkmoods
    January 10, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    great work again TryHard, amazing post.

  15. Nickfang7
    January 10, 2017 at 7:29 am

    I don’t have 4 line dancer, what is a better replacement for it? stealthy imp? or firefighter? I like the idea of a firefighter because we can bounce pogo, regifting zombie and mix up grave digger back.

    i really like this deck with the brain vendor and mixed up grave digger.

    I love this deck overall. Keep up with the good content,

    • TryHard
      January 11, 2017 at 8:01 am

      I like Line Dancers because they are the only card Super Brainz has that can deal with Team-Ups really well. I see how stealthy imp can work if you’re going for a more aggro approach and with the support of Backyard Bounce and Pogo Bouncer he can have some pretty good help to aid him in hurting the plant hero for 6. I haven’t tested Firefighter in any deck actually but I feel like that tech with him re bouncing pogo is a little on the slow side but it could work especially on cards like Regifting. And I mean Line Dancer is part aggro because we can use her as a finisher in the late game so if you want to take a more Aggro approach put in Stealthy Imps if you’re looking for the value game but slow approach throw in firefighter.

  16. Tompy235
    January 10, 2017 at 5:07 am

    lol tryhard tried this deck and ITS SO TROLLY XD
    just won 13-1 with this deck because of either the troll aspect or the using the
    mostly unexpected zombot stomp

    GR8 deck as usual M8 😉

  17. HELLRA
    January 10, 2017 at 12:17 am

    Like always nice deck TryHard, definitely will test it after getting my 4th mixed up gravedigger. Really nice work on the in depth guide ?

    January 9, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    o this is what you were doing nice deck it really good like normal XD

  19. Nautilus
    January 9, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Interesting deck build with a very focused strategy. I have noticed more people are starting to use Zombot Stomp in the last week. If you have 13 cards in hand due to a zombot stomp, do you get to discard 3 cards on the spot, or you keep all and wont get to draw until your hand is down to 9 cards or less?

    Does Bananasaurus get buffed by bounced cards?

    • TryHard
      January 9, 2017 at 11:14 pm

      There is no discarding of cards in this game at the moment. If you have 13 cards in hand due to bouncing then all of the 13 cards in your hand will be playable but they will be scrunched together. However, You will not be able to draw again until your hand is down to 9 cards.

      Also Prior to that question I actually didn’t know the answer to the Bananasaurus Rex question but me and a buddy tested it and Bananasaurus Rex does NOT get buffed from bounced cards.

  20. Irr3verent1
    January 9, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    I see someone was a huge “Turbo Stasis” fan in MTG. This is an interesting concept that sounds great but let me review this from the other side as I’ve squared off with this deck a few times recently. Thank you. With a Solar Flare burn deck (tons of direct damage) I filter through to my destruction so fast everything placed on the field is torched. All the reasons Super Draw decks work (Professor Brainstorm, Super Brainz, Immorticia) is because the zombie hero gets to cards faster and filter through to combos. It’s a true zombie advantage and you’re offering it up to Plant heroes. I’ve never failed to win vs this deck (or version of it) so far. Not that I can’t or won’t but I get to my best cards so quickly I land my combos at such a high rate.
    “Mill” is old school MTG reference to the Millstone card. But that card put two cards from the library directly to the graveyard when 2 mana was applied. This method, unfortunately, allows Plant heroes to filter through the cards and take what they want. Very dangerous.
    Like where your head is at though. It’s clever

    • TryHard
      January 9, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      Hey man, I actually never played MTG before lol although I do play Hearthstone. I see this deck as a sort PvZ variant to the popular Mill Rogue deck from Hearthstone. Although I never knew where the term Mill originated so thank you. I’m curious to ask you what type of Solar Flare burn deck you’re referring to because I’ve played plenty of the standard control Solar Flare with this deck and in a few cases by the time my opponent tried to use my bouncing to their advantage with Dandelion King they lost before they could apply more “burn”.

    • Nautilus
      January 9, 2017 at 10:55 pm

      the difference was that in MTG you still get to draw as many as you like (or dont like) and discard your hand down to 7 at the end of the turn, where as in this you are stuck with them and stops you from drawing and super blocking.
      Aggro deck could match up with this deck build but mid-range/control will have some serious issues…

    • Steelviper
      January 11, 2017 at 2:39 am

      Beat me to it. I was going to chime in on the millstone thing. Definitely a MtG reference. Goes back as far as the “Antiquities” set, about 1994 (that’s about when I got into MtG). In Magic you lost if you were supposed to draw a card but weren’t able to, which is how millstone decks could win (aside from also trashing bunches of useful cards).

      Thanks again for the deck and the writeup, TryHard! I crafted a line dancer and I’ll give it a shot for sure.


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