MAY I draw some Freeze? 1.0 *BRAND NEW META*

This is a deck that I have been beaten by around 5 times, so when I made a version of this, with making slight changes on the my streak I won 11 games in a row at rank 44!! I got ended by a Rustbolt Sport Tempo Deck.

The reason this deck is so effective is because of 2 win strategies in one deck, so if one doesn’t work because you aren’t drawing the right cards for it, you go with the other strategy:

-Freeze = The main problem with freeze decks, is there is limited freeze cards, meaning if you get unlucky and don’t draw those iceburg lettuces or chilly peppers, you can have a very un-effective hand. But if you do you can easily dominate the game as soon as you have the synergy with freeze cards, snowdrops and winter squashes.

-Mayflower = This card has SO much potential to be good. Being as this freeze is less effective late game (best mid game), this can draw you a Cornucopia, Kernel Corn, a Great Zuchinni or even something else effective. If you do not have the freeze cards that are needed in your hand, you can put a mayflower down and draw some cards. This also has synergy with Bananasaurus Rex, since you are drawing a card.


Bonk Choy – Just a good overall card that counters OP early zombie cards (only 1 because filling in). It counters Gravestone Carver, Arm-Wrestler and any other strong turn 1 cards. 

Iceberg Lettuce – Freeze synergy, and definitely needed in this deck. Great 1 drop.

Snowdrop – This deck doesn’t perform without it, cause has AMAZING freeze synergy.

Black-Eyed Pea – This, Sportacus and Brainana are THE BEST (next to Fry’s Mirror Nut decks) counters to P P2W. Gets buffed every time your opponent plays a trick!You definitely want this if you want to beat that deck.

Snow-Pea – Freeze Synergy

Chilly Pepper – Freeze Synergy (average for a 3 drop, but you need it for synergy)

Mayflower – Key card in this deck. Many times I have been saved by that kernel corn I drew from this card, or the cornucopia has been clutch as.

Sportacus – Counters P P2W. Not as effective as BEP or Brainana but still very effective.

Bananasaurus Rex – Just a great card. Synergy with mayflower and GS’s superpower, the Big Chill (freeze a zombie, draw a card).

Snap Dragon – SO many times this card has saved my mayflower, by putting this in lane 4 and it kills you opponents amphibious plant. Only problem is you opponent can easily remove it for 1 brain with a bungee plumber or a nibble.

Winter Squash – This can destroy any zombie with some freeze. A few times I have has this on board, and my opponent has had a couple gargs on board with a gap between them. I play a Jolly Holly in between them, and they’re gone!

Jolly Holly- Freeze Synergy.

Whipvine – This is a card that I have added recently. This is a saviour to your mayflower, from the Toxic Waste Imp, or that Dolphin Rider, etc. Also can be a saviour to a hugely buffed snowdrop.

Brainana – In my opinion this is in the top cards (Plants and Zombies sides) in the entire game. You play this, and no longer can your opponent destroy you snowdrop, or teleport in a Valkyrie with 20 attack. The only problem is that it’s stats are trash, so not as effective if opponents deck isn’t based around tricks.

The Great Zuchinni – This is the plants Zombot 1000. This isn’t necessary in this deck, but it has personally saved me a few times.



Brainana – Maybe another BEP, or maybe another Sportacus. But if you have 1000 sparks I definitely recommend spending them on this plant. Easily the best Smarty card.

Jolly Holly – Another Brainana, another Snow-Pea or you maybe try a grow-shroom. I find this card is also extremely effective in a lot of situations (being amphibious).

The Great Zuchinni – Another Brainana, another whip vine, or some other card that is quite control.


Thats my guide. Please comment any results you had with this deck or what I could change. Am open to any suggestions. Be aware that this deck is still in early stages of development. Thanks 🙂

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