Life Support

First off, control.  Berry Blast, Whack-A-Zombie, amd Squash are great for taking out Zombies and doing damage.  Morning Glory is a 1-Drop to play on the first turn, if you need to.  Now, on to the healing aspect!  Power Flower, Venus Flytrap and Venus Flytraplanet keep you alive while Heartichoke dishes out damage.  Pepper M.D. gains Strength and Attack with each healing, which is good as you’ll be healing like a maniac. An effective combo is Heartichoke and Venus Flytraplanet.  Your opponent MUST either switch out your Environment or destroy Heartichoke.  Both activate each other, ending when your opponent blocks or you’re at max Health. Astro-vera is an EXTREMELY good card in this deck, increasing your Health cap and healing you for 10!  If you don’t have Astro-vera, you can use Dandy Lion King as a substitute.  Both are really powerful! The point of this deck is to take a lot of damage, but not enough to die.

Pros: Extreme healing keeps you alive, Opponent will most likely rage for an instant win

Cons: High inbound damage, Tempo

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2 thoughts on “Life Support

  1. Tompy235
    July 18, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    i like the concept of this deck being very FTP (free to play) and it honestly makes me happy
    heal decks in general got soooooo much better because of set 2…
    though have u tried a chompzilla or wall knight version of this deck, (even if u do not have the heroes)
    just imagine how strong those decks would be:
    chompzilla = buffing strike through plants and buffing the venus flytraps and pepper M.D.s’ (or anything really)
    wall knight = very strong defensive combos + having very good synergy like poppin’ poppies, (which now heals your hero for 6 :D) tons of team up plants, and even pretty good FTP cards like hibernating berry.
    on top of that, both heroes have the 1 cost taco that heals all plants and the hero for 4…
    which would be AMAZING if pulled of with a heartichoke

    ANYWAYS, great deck and i hope you take my ideas into consideration


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