Kill Your Hoard

This is a deck that relies heavily on self damage, to activate abilities and such.

Toxic Waste Imp = Imp Throwing Imp

Smoke Bomb = Barrel of Barrels

Final MissionDestroy a Zombie.  Then do 4 damage.: A very good turn 2 play if activated on an imposter, a great turn 3 play with Deadbeard, and a great finisher if used on Gas Giant, for a potential of 9 face damage (if neither Gas Giant or Final Mission is blocked)

ImposterWhen destroyed: Add a random 1-cost Imp to your hand. It gains a Mustache.: If this card is fronted on turn one, you get card advantage from the draw. If it’s left be, both Deadbeard and Final Mission could kill it, essentially meaning you’re going to get value out of this no matter what.

Barrel of Barrels: On a Deadbeard or Mixed Up Fireworks, it clears the entire field. On Gas Giant, it kills all of the plants. On Imposter, Jester, or Imp Throwing Imp, it makes it near impossible to get an even trade, much less a favorable one. Also, it gives you card advantage

Barrel of DeadbeardsWhen destroyed: Do 1 damage to all Plants and Zombies, then make an 4/3 Captain Deadbeard here.: A 4/3 that does 1 damage to everything, for 2 brains? With this deck, the chances that this ability by a card in your hand next turn, so try not playing him without that followup in your hand. Also, if you have this and Final Mission on turn 3, you essentially get Fireworks Zombie, with an extra 4 damage somewhere else

Newspaper ZombieGravestone When hurt: This gets +4 Strength.: With this turn 2 play, a turn 3 fireworks has an incredible amount of value. The chances of this hitting face are minimal, so the real idea here is to waste your opponents cards while dealing with the 2 cost 5/4 they’ve been confronted with. And, by the time they’ve dealt with this, it’s already time for Mixed Up Gravedigger, or maybe even Gas Giant!

Imp Throwing Imp: With a follow up from Fireworks Zombie, this will spawn a card. Because your opponent has to deal with it, it will most likely spawn another card. Two potentially amazing cards on the field, for the price of two brains? The same effect could be achieved with Barrel / Final Mission (see final mission)

Fireworks ZombieWhen played: Do 1 damage to all other Plants and Zombies: How could I not include this card. If you want to get free cards, use it on Imposter or Imp Throwing Imp. If you want to go for lethal, use it on Jester. If you want to clear the field, use it on Gas Giant or Barrel. This card is a crucial part of the deck, so don’t use it when it can’t get good value.

JesterGravestone When hurt: Do 2 damage to the Plant Hero.: The Jester could be played as either a lethal (in which case save it until late game) or to waste away at your opponents block meter for the real lethal. If playing the block meter game, you must keep in mind how your opponents supers could affect you.

Mixed-Up GravediggerWhen played: Each Zombie hides in a Gravestone. Mix them up randomly.: Fireworks does it’s ability again. Imp Throwing Imp, Gas Giant, Newspaper, and Jester all heal back to full. If the opponent is beating you positioning-wise, this will surely be a pain to deal with.

Gas GiantWhen hurt: Do 1 damage to each other Plant and Zombie. When destroyed.  Do 5 damage to the Plant Hero.: This card could be considered the main finisher in this deck. When it’s damaged, it does 1 damage to every plant, making it great with Fireworks, Deadbeard, Barrel, MUG, and Stench (which might be best saved for this). With a well placed Final Mission it could do 5 damage to the hero, which you could make 9 if you hit face with the Mission. That’s nearly half of their HP!

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2 thoughts on “Kill Your Hoard

  1. Leemi
    December 7, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Wouldn’t Gargantuar-throwing imp be good for this deck? Especially if gas giant is your finisher??? Also, what about card draw. You have to have cards to last till turn 6, so if you rush in with everything how would you be able to survive?

    • Oyez
      December 7, 2017 at 5:03 pm

      I guess the conjuring cards make up for having no draw. Sweeping the board can give you a card advantage as well.


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