It’s chilly outside come and play some control! brrr

Im playing this game for a really long time and always was a big fan of the freeze decks element … i decided to make a little overlook on the deck to show how i play and how to play with this kind of freeze decks … hope you have fun and dont forget to tell me in the comments if you have any questions or ways to make this deck better (read it all then complain)

What you trying to do: well in the freeze deck also known as a huge control deck, you want to control at the start with cards like Morning gloryRescue Radish abilty and the fact he is 3 sun and 3,4 really strong card hard to remove and Sportacus with his great abilty hurt the zombie hero for 2 damage each time he use a trick! 

all those cards make the zombie hero kill “useless” stuff while you can build a great board.

i will explaine about any card and tell if it have any replacement 

*also english is not my main langaush so if i make any mistakes im sorry 🙂

Iceberg Lettuce- this card have so much value ! he cost only 1 sun and can freeze any zombie enemy with the help of Snowdrop and Winter Squash it makes the deck tottaly OP, i like to get him at the start with some Snowdrop and i know i can get great board at the start, there is no really a place not to play it but because it so cheap i like it with a combo of Winter Squash if i have any strong zombie enemy and use Chilly pepper instead.

Morning Glory- belive me after i return to the game i saw a few decks with this card and didnt really understand why it there… after i playing with it a few time i absolutly loved it! happens to me so much time the opponent put me some annoying starting zombies like Conman  or like any deadly zombie and i needed the 2,2 to kill it(diffrent version at the end)

Snowdrop– this card is the beyonce of the deck he is so immportant , at the start at the mid and at the end , there is not allot to say about it you need to combo it with any kind of freeze type card and with the help of Winter Squash the magnificent card to destory all the board and get a huge ass Snowdrop, people think only this card makes this deck good but all the cards together make this deck an incrideble freeze control deck! 

Sow Magic Beans-  already mentioned its a control deck? 😛 well the Sow Magic Beans is the main reason why this is a conrol deck , i will give you a situation happens to me allot of time the enemy went to save the 2 brains to kill whatever i put at the start i play only the Sow and he just not playing anything and im getting a “free” 4! 1 cost sun! 4,4 bean! is so strong at the start at the end so many enemies will ignore important cards like Winter Squash, a nicely Snowdrop or even Sportacus and will try to kill their main threat the magic bean after all of this and you can draw a card.

2ND-BEST TACO OF ALL TIME-  The main card against hard annyoing aggro(aggresive) decks dont really have allot to say great healing card+  you get to draw a card , think and play it when needed sometimes i think im in a great board and try to heal a strong Snowdrop or even Winter squash if needed one time i even heald The great zucchini and it saved the game.

Chilly pepper-  another freeze card can help in the start and in the end very much im blocking a 2 health zombie and freeze a threatening zombie on a Snowdrop for example 🙂

Cool bean-  well i already told you i was in a “vacation” from the game and after i returned i was so thrilled to see this card he is so good not onlt because he is netural 3,3 cost 3 sun he also actually freeze gravestones, that was one of the reason i left the game the neptuna, imp and the smash decks with gravestones so buged me even if i knew what is in there now i actually have the power to kill a zombie in a gravestone with the power of Cool bean and Winter Squash and yes it works already did this like a billion times im in love of this card , i saved allot of sparkes to craft it so worth it 

Rescue Radish- even though its a netural card not like an amzing abilty, freeze cool combo or healing this card is still here and its better then ever! for the start a great control card 3 sun and 3,4 is amazing trade im telling you , also his abilty is just too good you can return anything you need starting from Chilly pepper use again his cool abilty and freeze what ever you want to keep the strong control, a hurt Winter squashCool Bean(helped me allot bc i only have 3) , The great zucchini(is so damm good and so mean), or even Jolly holly, also i returned many times the magic bean from sow magic bean to get more cards drawn.

Sportacus– another card like cool bean ive seen only after i returned to the game and seen it in a few freeze deck as well … at first i thought its preety bad maybe its a natural 3,3 , 3 sun but its only attack for 2 damage the zombie hero but after i faced trick decks like immorcita or prof P2W this card just killed it and in many turnes he didnt played anything becuase he was too afraid.(can replace with Mayflower)

Winter Squash- Winter Squash and Snowdrop are the main cards in this deck as explained above this card give so much value and control for a 4 sun drop that has 6 health and a helping 2 attack first  i will explaine that many times i left a zombie with 2 health and didnt killed it in the third turn im giving so much value by defending this turn on the squash and killing an enemy zombie also an opportunity to freeze some zombies and kill next turn

and secondly, his amazingly great abilty killing any zombie that get frozen this is so damm good! Iceberg Lettuce, Chilly pepper, Cool bean and Jolly Holly so many opportunities to freeze and kill any kind of zombie im just in love with him! (dont forget the hero power to freeze)

Jolly Holly-  at the start when all the event started i didnt thought about Jolly Holly as a good card, to me it looked at the start like a lousy card with only one health .. but after i learned to control it (yes is not too easy to control it) it did wonders to me , if i look at all the cards in the deck is the card that the hardest to control and the tips are: 

*if i know i have enough suns to put Jolly holly i leave a one blank space for example, Snowdrop at lane 2 and a Winter squash  at lane 4 , and in turn 5 i put Jolly holly and all dies.

*remember he is an amphibious so in a hard situations it saved me

The great zucchini- yes this is the only legendary card in this deck and this is why this deck is half half F2P , but you need him here against other and controllier deck that try to ramp up(you can only have one and add what ever you want but remember is dangerous) , also he is amphibious so i prefer to put him in the water lane bc he can only be played at turn 9 and so go on in most cases in this late game you wont see an amphibious zombie.

*you can also add cornocupia instead is nice fitted

*you have extra sparks read it: 

after i recycled all my extra cards and the one i didnt wanted i got 8k sparks and today my deck is included with 2 Lima-Pleurodon that for some reason is not in the deck list choices… he is a 1 sun 2,2 amphiboius bean planet that every time you draw a card he shuffle a magic beanstalk (the 1 sun drop 4,4 that draw a card when played) , after i discoverd there are so many cards you can draw a card with( Sow Magic bean, the 2nd taco, big chill- the hero power) it works really well and really upgrade the deck- just remove one Morning glory and one Sportacus if you have only enough sparks for one remove the Morning glory) try to combo him with sow magic bean its so good!


Big Chill- for sure the best hero power and especially in the freeze deck it is just like an extra Iceberg lettuce but you can also draw a card read what i wrote about Iceberg Lettuce 🙂

Goatify- is kinda weird hero power but its not like you can choose them 😛 like all the hero powers i prefer to play them until turn 5 (when you can already remove them with Winter Squash and a freeze element) if in the begining there is an annoying zombie you cant remove just goat it all gonna e O.K 

other hero powers are the same not really have anything interesting to say

hope you enjoy the deck and for any question just ask 🙂

*and im in taco leauge and only bc im so lazy 😛

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