Imp Sharks

Impfinity likes putting swarming Imps in the field to fight your opponent to death with the help of Toxic Waste Imp to control the field and Fireworks Zombie and chickening for the late game destroys all plants with Sharktonic Sub.

This deck for turn 1, if you are unlucky to not get a turn 1 zombie, use Bungee Plumber instead and Disco Naut helps late game Space Cowboy and your little imps. Imposter is a control card on turn 1 and it draws you are card when it’s destroyed and if you are lucky, you will get an another Imposter. Turn 2 you can play Barrel of Deadbeards dry if you have a Fireworks Zombie in hand or just play the agressive Environment or Toxic Waste Imp. For the imp combo is turn 1 Imposter, turn 2 Toxic Waste Imp, Turn 3 Imp Commander and Turn 4 space cowboy sweeping the field with at least 3 lanes. The chickening is a solid control card that sweeps the field and combos really well with Binary Stars. so it will do double damage. The finisher is turn 6 and more of the Sharktonic Sub that combos well with Crazy Splash tricks so it will destroy a lot of plants.





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One thought on “Imp Sharks

  1. Hobez
    August 18, 2017 at 1:14 am

    I absolutely love Impfinity’s sharktronic sub decks, and this one is no exception. Keep up the good work!


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